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Learning to trust Him no matter what.
Trust Me, My child.

"Trust You? You've got to be kidding!
          Not this time- I'm not leaving this in Your hands.
          Trust You! No way--no how--
          How could THIS be Your perfect plan?"

Trust Me, My daughter.

"I can't trust You!
          Not this time, Lord;
          I've tried to trust You before--
          Tried to have faith in Your Word."

Trust Me, little one.

"How can I trust Someone
          Who would do this to me?
          How can I lay aside all my fears
          And not worry, willingly?"

Trust Me--believe in Me-- have faith, My child.
My way is perfect; my plan is best.
This trial I gave you as a test.
One more time, prove to Me
That you will serve Me faithfully.
I know your way; I've planned it all.
Trust me, now, and you'll not fall.

"But how can I, Lord?
          After all I've gone through,
          How can I give You even THIS
          And just trust in You?"

Have faith, child-- believe that I am able to
Handle your hardest trial and pull you through.
I have all power, wisdom, and might,
And even in the darkest of nights,
I am able to meet your every need.
Be patient-- trust-- lean on Me.

"I know You're right, Lord-- one more time I'll be still;
          I'll trust You, and I'll follow Your will.
          It's hard for me, Lord, to just believe,
          But I'll trust in You and let You lead."
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