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The Beauty of Submission
Dressed for passion in straps of softest leather
Body held in delicate bondage by harness and tether
High-heeled boots give her a somnambulist’s gait
As she walks slowly into the light, in love with her fate

Features enhanced by an angel’s delicate paints
Neck, wrists, and ankles wrapped in love’s leather restraints
Corsetted waist offers up breasts and plump hips
Her pointy pink tongue moistens lush and trembling lips

Bound by a kiss and teased with joy
She has consented to be the Master’s toy
She opens her mind to explore her darkest desire
Her power consumes her like liquid fire

Collared and cuffed and displayed on the rack
Strangers’ eyes launch their attack
Her glistening body a rare jewel, a treasure
Her burning flesh fanning the flames of their pleasure

Quick flick of the wrist to flail the cane
Double-dealing the cruelest of all pain
With religious fervor she makes herself wait
Striving though pain to reach heaven’s gate

Sweet scent of sex and the smell of fear
A muffled cry no one can hear
Rolling waves of desire beckoning
For the flesh to be tortured without reckoning

With each stroke more of her demons are slain
And her salty tears cool a steaming brain
Flooding a heart that beats hard and fast
Filled with the hope that love and passion will last.

----Claudia Varrin
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