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This is a short story i made for school and was blamed for plagerizing Black Hawk Down.
Ok, this is a story i worte for school, all is original, nothing is plagerized (my teacher blamed me for plagerizing Black Hawk Down, wow)

By: Tony Frio
As the base exploded all around him, Matt Baker couldn’t see anything; flames and explosions were everywhere. A sudden eruption knocked him backwards through a window, sending him plummeting down a massive cliff. He couldn’t tell what was happening…there was too much going on. He blacked out a hundred feet from the ground.
One day earlier…
Sergeant Matt Baker couldn’t concentrate, too much was going on. Ever since they left friendly airspace, there had been massive anti-air fire. The door in front of the chopper slammed open and their heavy weapons specialist, code named “Demo”, yelled “five minutes ‘till dirt, men.” Matt Baker was a quiet, thoughtful leader, and the three men under his command listened without objections. The second squad ahead in the first chopper was suddenly hit out of nowhere. It lost control and plummeted off a steep cliff. Matt didn’t close his eyes until the chopper was out of sight.
The dust provided little protection as it swirled around the chopper, creating a small wall of dirt. Bullets cut through the dust. The gravel under Matt’s boots crunched as he hit the ground. A small napalm strike earlier that day had taken out most of the opposition in the area, so Matt and his squad had little trouble clearing out the opposition once only him and his squad remained, He took in his surroundings.
The area they had been dropped in was a massive, rocky cliff. As far as he could see, there were mountains. Smoke still rose from the cliff which was where the second squad’s helicopter went down. “We should get going,” said a voice behind Matt. It was Evans, the squad’s best sniper. His voice was cold. Matt had heard that voice many times over the radio when he was about to do what he did best: kill with a single shot. “Let’s move men,” Matt replied.
Mission status: two hours later. The base was in sight. The hills were glowing with the light of hundreds of small torches to light the trails. All that was between the men and the hills on which the base lied was a stretch of rocks and grass. They stepped into the field, crossing slowly. It was quiet. Then, Matt heard a small ping, barely noticeable, but it might as well have been a nuclear explosion. Three seconds later, the ground behind Matt Baker exploded, and the entire mission fell apart…
Land mines, hundreds of them exploded in a rhythmic pattern. The air around Matt turned black as dirt and shrapnel flew in the air around him. He couldn’t see he felt something icy hot slash across his back; he fell to his knees, and passed out.
When Matt woke up, he couldn’t tell where he was. He had blurry memories of being picked up and dragged somewhere. He was in a cell. A single light dangled from the roof, and a single guard stood motionless at the cell’s side. His weapons were gone when he instinctively reached down to his side. All, but one. He made sure the guard wasn’t looking. Matt removed his boot and took off a small plastic compartment on the boot. A knife was hidden inside. He picked it up, walked over to the cell’s side, and back armed it into the guard. He grabbed the keys from his belt, and his gun. He escaped the room, going toward the nukes in the base’s center. He found them, but as he did, he realized something, he no longer had the bomb him and his squad had brought with them to destroy the nukes. So he decided to improvise, and he set off toward the base’s control room.
Matt was sprinting toward the door of the control room when he reached it, and he opened it. He immediately wished he hadn’t. As soon as he did, a massive turret slid from the ceiling. He threw himself to the side as a hail of bullets smashed into the wall next to him. Matt snapped his pistol up from his side; he fired…once twice three times. All perfect hits and they didn’t even scratch the turret’s casing. He barely had time to move as the turret opened up again. He realized two things: he couldn’t hurt this thing, and he couldn’t disable the control panel without being turned into Swiss cheese. He quickly came up with a plan. He dived for the control panel. The turret opened up after him as he ran right past the controls. The turret peppered holes into the controls. The gun had no control, it started shooting in all directions, and then it exploded. An alarm started to blare, the gun had started something critical, and Matt ran for an exit.
As Matt pried the door open, something slashed past him. A knife was embedded over his shoulder. Matt looked back, the master mind behind this scheme, Cornan Con Chow was standing behind matt, infuriated, another knife at the ready. Matt, stood, ready for combat… Cornan struck first, slashing out with his knife, Matt could barely move in time. Slowly, matt was being backed into a corner by his enemy. Cornan was screaming at Matt in Korean, he couldn’t understand it. But Matt noticed something; Cornan was becoming too confident in himself. Cornan struck again, but this time, Matt was ready, Cornan struck, but Matt grabbed his enemy’s wrists, moved closer and smashed a kick dead center into Cornan’s chest. His enemy started to stumble backwards, reeling toward the window, matt lashed out again with the butt of his pistol, dizzying his opponent, and lashed out once more, knocking Cornan Con Chow out the window into a 200 foot drop.
Matt could hear him screaming at him in Korean, Matt stood there, silent, and turned to leave, but as he did, the base exploded…
As the base exploded all around him, Matt couldn’t see anything; flames and explosions were everywhere. A sudden eruption knocked him backwards through a window, sending him plummeting down a massive cliff. He couldn’t tell what was happening…there was too much going on. He blacked out a hundred feet from the ground.
After the mission
Matt survived the blast with non-critical injuries; he hit the river instead of the ground. He ended up floating to the allied country of South Korea. He was sent home 2 weeks later. Matt Baker is still alive to this day.

End mission.
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