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Maybe this will help explain that slight touch you thought you felt on your arm...
She is so elusive, and yet so bright.
She can't hide, and yet I can't see.
I attempt a kiss as she passes.
A flash appears in my eyes.
But then darkness returns.
Next time I will wrap her in both arms.
I can't feel her touch,
but can she feel mine?

What if the next time was the last time?
How long would I wait for her return?
Forever, and a moment more.

Does she run to evade,
or just whisper by me;
never noticing that I spend an eternity
between each one of her sweet breaths?
She must know!
I argue that it is so!
Time is on my side;
a friend and a companion.

If she is to know of me,
to understand my love,
I must continue to walk beside her.
And hope that one day she slows to puzzle
over a touch she may feel,
as I attempt to keep stride,
and meet her in the next moment.

She may never know that my forever was spent
beside her.
In what was only a bright afternoon for her.
Yet, if she slows to acknowledge my presence,
even if only once, a simple thought my way,
then it will not be a forever wasted,
or a moment more cherished.

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