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by salman
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how much will i miss everything i love
Why do we die? Why will I die???? Why all of us have to die??? Why my class, everyone of it, my family, my brothers , my sister, my mom , mom uncles, aunties, grand father ….everyone has to die???????? How will I feel when they will all be gone or either I will be???? Don’t know …. I wonder what you feel when you lose someone whom you are so close …. And I wish my God will never take me to that stand… I don’t want to miss anyone of them…. I love all of them … I wonder what will I feel???? Probably I will die every time someone close to me will leave me, leave this world for an unknown journey… wonder just wonder….
I love the company of butt, rehan, munna, umair, afzal every single one of them… I love looking at her… I love asking my mom for things… asking her for a glass of water, meal and her loving yanks… when I come home late , the way she honours me… I love fighting with my brothers, criticizing them… laughing with them… I love sitting in my triad… waving out at every single movement in the society… those “omelet” dinners… umair… man he is funny!!!!... no matter how much tense I am, he just finds a way to make me laugh…. The things he does…. And afzal… what to say…. Staring and passing comments on every single girl, duo’s absurdities… what will I be left with, when they are all gone….
Memories….hmmm … do you know what If they were never there???? If I was to forget everything that happens to me… but they will be there… whenever I will be left with no choice... whenever I will be sitting alone in my chair…. Whenever I will become deaf in midst of most adorable laughters…. They will be there… they will come up…. Yes they will be accompanied with some tears… yes my eyes will turn crimson… yes I will feel a shiver….the small but luscious smile which these priceless memories will create will indulge even my soul in them… which will caress my desolate heart… which will water my soul’s dehydration…. I wonder… just wonder…
People often argue that I am nostalgic and to be realistic i feel no different… they say take life as it comes… live with what is at now… what will come will come…. So free your mind and just chill around…and I every time I go by their words and start living, it takes no time for me to realize “salman!!! It will all end one day… and you will be left with nothing but some memories and you will them all, all of these smiles will end some day and you will be left none but ashes…”
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