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by Kat
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A Very Short Story.
A House Called Soul

         Hope and Despair lived together in a house called Soul. For years they did nothing but fight and fight. As they fought, they failed to see all the damage they were doing to Soul. Soul was being badly neglected. Her structure was weakening, she was cluttered and overcrowded. Windows were broken and her roof was gradually caving in.
         At times, neighbors came to visit Hope and Despair. Laughter came by one day and Hope invited her in, but Despair hid in the basement.
         Sadness knocked on the door once. Despair embraced her, but Hope felt overwhelmed. She tried to be friendly, but she didn't have the strength to be gracious for very long so Sadness hurried on her way to visit Gloom, who lived next door.
         There was much disagreement between Hope and Despair over how they would furnish their house called Soul.
         Despair liked dark colors, drawn curtains, rough textures and no frills. Hope liked bright colors, soft fabrics, lots of light, pretty flowers and good music and conversation.
         They fussed and fought and tried all sorts of ways to gain control over Soul. Hope was strong one day, but the next day Depression would come by and overpower her to visit with Despair.
         Another day, Despair would be strong, but Gladness would pay a visit, overpower Despair and chat with Hope.
         All these problems went on for years and years. Soul was feeling more and more neglected as those who inhabited her became too involved in their troubles to see the harm they were causing.
         One day, when things were getting really out of control for Hope and Despair, two strangers stopped by to pay a visit. The names of the strangers were Faith and Charity.
         Now, Faith and Charity were very wise. They could see how downtrodden Soul had become. They also saw that Hope was growing very weak. Trying to be kind, they suggested that perhaps Despair should let in a little more light and allow soft music for short periods of time.
         They picked fresh flowers and put some in Despair's darkest room and even opened the curtains and let in a little light. Hope was delighted with their new visitors and grew stronger each day.
         Soon, finding that Soul was no longer her house, Despair moved out to live next door with Gloom. Hope invited Faith and Charity to move in with her permanently. They welcomed her invitation and, together, all three - Faith, Hope and Charity - lived together and Soul was a house no longer. Soul became a beautiful Home that welcomed all passers-by to enter her doors and be strengthened and refreshed.

The End

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1116558