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by Annie
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A true description of my youngest daughter!
This is my little drama queen the day after she was born!!!

Sitting in the floor,
Right in front of the stove,
Eyeing herself in the glass,
She practices her art.
This, My Little Drama Queen,
Nearly six years old,
Delights in trying on
Numerous funny faces,
Showing herself a pro.
Other times, she pretends to cry, and
Despite the fact that
There are no tears,
She's mastered it quite well.
Laughter (mine) breaks her
Reverie and she stands with
Hands on hips, giving me the
Evil eye, this one for real.
"Love you Little Drama Queen,
Never give up!" I say through a grin.
Now, as her beautiful smile
Evolves from fake tears,
She spins around, and turning on the charm,
My Little Drama Queen winks!

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