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Terrorists Welcome...Wife, Mother, Friend Deported!
The beautiful little boy grins and leans toward the window to smear kisses on the glass for relatives and friends. Amidst the smiles, tears are spilling shamelessly down many faces as they blow kisses and wave. I turn off the television, shake my head, and wipe the hopeless tears from my own eyes.

A young family is boarding a plane at Kansas City International Airport journeying to San Diego while television cameras record the heartbreaking story. This is no vacation...but rather the government cruelly ripping a family apart.

Myrna Dick, a resident of Raymore, Missouri, is being deported to Mexico. Myrna, her husband of four years, and 18-month old son are flying to San Diego, hoping for a last-minute miracle before she has to cross the border, never to return to the United States. She has lived in the States since she was nine years old. Somehow, although her parents and most of her family were granted citizenship or permanent residency in the 1980’s, Myrna was overlooked.

She is accused of lying to border patrol about U.S. citizenship in 1998 when crossing after attending her grandmother’s funeral in Chihuahua. When Myrna attempted to renew her work visa in 2004, the federal government demanded her immediate deportation for the alleged lie. After being taken into custody, it was discovered that Myrna was pregnant. A federal judge in Missouri declared that since the fetus was already an American citizen he could not be deported, and since the fetus was residing within Myrna, neither could she until the baby was born.

One lie...one alleged lie is the only reason immigration officials are demanding Myrna be deported. She is a caring person, not someone who entered the United States illegally seeking to take our jobs, to plunder, kill, or sell drugs to our children. Government officials at all levels lie to us everyday. Personally, I would rather see them deported than this innocent wife, mother, neighbor and friend to so many. Terrorists are allowed to enter our country and live next door, while we educate them and their children. Then our government proclaims “Whoops!” and makes excuses as to how this could happen when these foreigners attempt to destroy our way of life.

Have immigration officials prematurely donated their hearts and ears to science? Are government officials too busy lining their own pockets or voting on their next pay raise? Is President Bush too preoccupied cleaning the oil from beneath his fingernails? Why has no one stepped forward to help this family...to put an end to the idiocy of this situation? Convicted murderers on death row can be granted a stay of execution, but a young mother cannot be granted a stay of residency after living in the United States for twenty years...because of an alleged lie?

God, help us...oh, I forgot that God has been banned from any say in government. God, help us!
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