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Encouragement for your health
On July 8, 2003, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. When I heard this news, I wasn't devastated or was I worried. I have known many people who are survivors and live full lives. What I did realize was I gave this disease to myself. I did this by not eating the right food exercising, and basically mentally and phyiscally abusing my body. During this time I weighed 270 pounds.

I wanted to lose the weight and I wanted to get off of the medication. I knew I couldn't do it alone. Every one I knew seemed to talk negative about diabetes and already confirmed my next step was insulin injections. I didn't believe it.I made a vow to use my faith to allow God to heal me.

I changed my eating habits. I started walking and the weigh began to come off of me. I started taking vitamins and herbal supplements. I also had to educate myself on Natural Solutions. In doing so, I became a Health Counselor.

God healed my body. I am no longer on medication. I have lost almost a hundred pounds. I would suggest to anyone who desires to improve their image to do the following:
1 Make simple lifestyle changes
2 Eat fruits and vegetables every day
3 Exercise. Walking for extremely obese people works.
4 Never Give up.
5 Keep a positive attitude

Doing the following helps. Small stps are great sources of victory!
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