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by Fatcat
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A poem about the starving kids in the world, and how we send them into wars.
The suffering in those face's
How you can see the ribs on they'r naked body's
The way they'r eyes scream for food,
if just a little.

Why do they starve the way they do,
they have done nothing wrong in this world,
why do they gotta suffer,
because they where born there?
In the wrong country?

Why do they gotta hold onto every little drop of water,
every little piece of food.
Starving, what do we do? to help them?

We all say we care, we all see them suffer,
but what do we do?
Expect sending 12 year old's to war whit big gun's?
Making innocent children kill each other.

These kids starve and die, right in front of us
They say the kids are the light of the future, the hope.
What does this hope say? the future.
If the future is gonna be this, I'd rather die now.
This cruelty, no'one stoping it.
Alone, I'm helpless..young and poor...
whit snobby parents which wont spare a dollar to help someone they don't know
We all say we care,
all say it's wrong.

But what do we do? to help?
they're dieing..innocent children..
and we're only watching...
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