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We walk in this world behind controlled facades keeping to ourselves the magic of light
I am full lips, wide nostrils, nappy hair, once in dred locks, worn straight, now back to the origin, and brown skinned. The truths that have been illuminated in my life helped me discover "my Africa" and I in my choice to allow my hair to lock. My locks were not neat, planned or perfect. Some were long and some fat with treasures on them. Each reminded me of my beautiful Grandmothers, Mothers and sisters - the Dinka women of the Sudan, the Shai of Ghana, the Karo of Ethiopia or the Himba of Namibia. All women who adorned themselves with rich color, on faces, bodies and heads, with or without hair. Walking naked in the sun, before GOD, the naturalness of our oneness with our habitat, inherent. Ourselves, treasured canvas for expressing creative individuality. We gave no more thought to our nakedness than we did to the skins of the animals and the array of floral splendor sharing the land with us.

As a created creator, I have known GOD from the beginning. My journey of truth has led me to learn how to express my understanding. Daily I am reminded of the richness and abundance of beauty in life. And I am continually humbled by the grace and love of my creator who continues to inspire me with a never ending kaleidoscope of color and sounds in the world around me. As antiquated as it may appear in our technocracy, I am a firm believer in the omnipotent power of love and that which GOD has begun will be brought to fruition.

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