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Insanity at its finest

I pricked my finger open on the thorn covered stem of the rose that you left inside of my mailbox

Expecting so much to be over you

Imagine my surprise to see myself bleed over you

The overview of the picture in my head shows an older view

I could have sworn I saw you smile

Not that I take the blame or proclaim that was my aim but there we were and here we are with nothing much else left to say on the matter

You make me crazy

Isn't that crazy?

I talk to myself when even I'm not in the mood to listen and ask myself what on Earth a mile in your shoes must have felt like

Weighed down to the breaking point

Dropping purple glass petals just to see what shattering feels like

It makes me crazy

Up the block and down the street, in and around every bend crazy

Have you ever been that crazy?

I must have been so crazy

You lift me up and I let you down

Chambered a round and went gun metal crazy for you

Forgive me, baby

I shied away from your eyes

Tied away my lies to be told on some other night

Rush of fever

Memories linger at their leisure

Leave the light on when they're gone

And it makes me crazy

Criminal crazy when you're gone

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