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Lexi's Poetry: Call Me Crazy.. a variance of a decastich
Call me crazy if you must
It really doesn’t have any affect
As I walk around talking to myself
There is no room in my head
For the opinions of others
As you can tell, there are plenty of voices
And yours just isn’t welcomed here
No room for opinions or even the gestures
Of a so called “sane” human being
That doesn’t care to understand true insanity

There is always someone peddling
Some cure for the troubles of the mind
Without any consideration that there are
Benefits to being on the strange side of life
On the edge of the societal standards
Always being told what to do or how to act
Yet no one seems to notice the insanity of those standards
Just like no one notices the genius of my words
It takes a true crazy person to do what I do
Let them think what they want, doesn’t matter anymore

So this is what I will continue to do
Sing and dance as if life were a musical
Even in the grocery store, that music will come out
No matter where I am if my thoughts are right
Then I will talk out loud to not only myself
But the other characters found inside my imagination
Just because there are voices, it doesn’t mean it is wrong
So I have no plans of stopping the conversations
No matter what I am told, this is how life is for me
Call me crazy if you want, for that is exactly what I want to be
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