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if u feel hollow and empty and sad...this is fer you...
Do you sometimes feel that you are alone,
In this ocean of people,
Nobody to call your own?
Do you sometimes need to hurt yourself,
To stop the tears from flowing?
Or tell someone you are totally fine,
When actually, you are hurting?
Have you ever walked into the rain,
And called your tears raindrops?
have you ever cried so much,
It makes you feel like your heart stopped?
Do you ever feel neglected and all alone,
Noone to speak too, noone to call your own?
Have you ever felt so unhappy,
That your tears are not enough?
Have you ever swallowed a sob,
To show the world you are tough?
have you ever bought a freindship card,
And kept it as your own?
If you have, let me tell you,
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