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Have you ever seen a child – a child – without a soul?

Have you ever looked upon the lifeless body of a girl, whose eyes were once filled with stars, and now showed, not the vacant, eerie stare of death, but the utter shock, and even dissapointment, of betrayal?

Have you ever gazed upon, not innocence lost, but a life stolen, ripped away, stomped on, and desecrated – and all ‘in fun’??!?

Have you ever looked into the vacant eyes of a sociopath, eyes past, present, and probably future, filled with a nothingness that could make the most jaded person tremble?

I have.

I have seen all that. I have witnessed, not merely man’s inhumanity to man, but man’s inhumanity to women and children. It’s disgusting. It flat makes me wanna puke. Who the hell are we, anyway? Do we deserve to even casually think about traveling to Mars, build a base on the Moon, or meet other species in the vastness of the Universe, when we can’t even treat our women with love, respect, and admiration, or treat our children with the love and caring mandated by our creation of them?

My therapist has pointed out that as a cop, and, especially, an “SVU Cop”, I’m privy to the absolute worst mankind has to offer. And, thinking about it, she’s right. No one of us is perfect, most of us have a character flaw somewhere, and many of us have more than just a couple of skeletons in our bedroom closets. But, in reality, only a very tiny percentage is capable of perpetrating the kind of violence-for-violence’s-sake that I see every day. Society may suck, but only a “sub-sub-sub culture” of that society is truly evil.

So, with every woman I see alive yet with her life ripped from her, with every sad, frightened, highly confused, and smoldering 8 year-old I have to sit before, with every parent I have to watch totally lose it on being informed of the untimely (and usually brutal) death of their child, I tell myself this isn’t the norm.

If only I believed it.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1124186