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by Baggio
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Small piece of writing describing a an afternoon of watching and feeling.
Come On....

We stare so intently, nothing else matters, beneath all the screaming and shouting we are all willing the same end result and we can all feel that when it does happen there will be an eruption like no other.

Obscenaties both personal and downright funny are shouted at our view, targets picked up and discarded equally as quickly when the action moves on. A chance goes by and the volume rises, come on.

Its not like this for anyone else, it is our emotions that are toyed with, not them. It is our time to triumph, not theirs. We stare harder, try to discover new psychic powers and influence the end. The fear and the undeniable inevitibility of it all raise the atmosphere further.

Were sure were having an effect, we can see the outcome clearer. Songs break out as we feel camaraderie, can you feel the love? Drinks are drunk, ditties are dittied, slaps to backs are exchanged, this is a party.

Then it changes.

Wev'e scored. Beer is flung, foreigners are abused, the state is over, the wall is down, all is right with the world so pass the peace pipe brother.

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