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This is a story a boy who goes to war and comes home a stranger
This is my first attempt at writing so forgive my writting skills.

It had been two months since the war had ended, but Jack McCain could not stop being a careful man. He had grown up in that war. He was only fifteen when he seen his good neighbor and friend the widow Pearson raped,robbed and burnt out,after a group of eight Kansas Jay Hawkers had come to her home one night asking for a meal,
Not wanting to give them any excuse,she had her young black servant girl Dillia, bring them some meat and bread, after they had eaten they thought that desert was in order, in the form of the widow and her girl, when her field hands, Timothy and Henry tried to stop them, they shot both of them in the head and strung them up on the porch,then had thier way with both women. Once their fun was over, they burned everything took all the livestock and left the two women for dead.
It was then that Sarah,Jacks older sister on her way to the outhouse saw the glow from the flames in the night sky and ran in to tell us," Pa theres a fire, it looks to be the Widow Pearsons place" grabing our pistols and rifles Pa and us three older boys jumped on our horses headed that way as fast as our mounts would go.
Riding up at a full gallop, me and Pa were the first ones there cuz we had our horses in the barn,while the rest were in the corral. We saw the widow Pearson and Dillia laying up by the house, naked and bleeding,I grabbed Dillia while Pa carried the widow, we hadnt carried them no more than twenty step when the house collapsed right where they had been lying.
Just then Will the oldest and Tom the second oldest came riding up," Will go get the wagon and bring back some blankets," we had already taken off our coats to cover the women.
Looking down at the Widow and Dillia it looked like they had given them a fight,the widows left eye was pretty brused already,and she was bleeding from the nose,and Dillia looked just as bad.
"They gonna be alright Pa"?
"I dont know Jack,I dont know" You could see the concern in his eyes,the widow was always a good friend to us,and one of Ma's best friends.She was only in her early thirtys,and had married Mr Pearson ten years ago,even though he was much older than her, but they were happy.
Mr Pearson had built the house for her as a wedding gift,with hopes of filling it with children, but that just wasnt to be,but he never blamed her for it. he just showed her more love,until about two years ago when they found him in the barn one morning dead.Doc Wilson said that it looked like his heart just gave out.
She had lost the man she loved dearly,and now she'd lost everything else, it just didnt seem right.
"Who could've done something like this?" Tom asked,I could see the anger building up in him already,
"You boys take a look around, see what you can find"
"Jack. You look around the house I'll check the barn" Tom said.
No more than two minutes later Ma came upon her son in the wagon,with George the youngest at thirteen driving, she had sent George out to hitch up the team as soon as we had left, meeting Will just a few miles up the road.
"Whoa there"! Will yelled
" Will! is every one alright"?
" Ma"! what are you doing out here?Pa's gonna have a fit when he see's you"!
"Answer my question Boy!!!" Ma yelled,he could hear the fear and concern in her voice,along with the anger at her son for questioning her.
" I dont know,Pa and Jack were carrying Widow Pearson and Dillia when me and Tom got there. Pa sent me to get the wagon."
"Let's get going"! Ma said
As Ma and George pulled up to the yard, you could see the suprise and concern in both of the parents faces,Ma for the two women she had come to care for and the total distruction of her friends home,and Pa for the woman he loved and feared for.this was a dangerious place to be right now and he wasnt too happy with his wife for coming out here.But he knew better than to say anything about it right now.
Grabbing the blankets from the wagon box Ma ran to the widows side, looking her over she wrapped two heavy blankets around her and told Will to carry her to the wagon,as she checked on Dillia.
Wrapping two more blankets around her, she had Pa carry her to the wagon also.
making sure they stayed wrapped up good in this cool weather Ma rode in the back with the women while George drove the team.
"Take it easy son try to miss as many holes as you can see"
"Yes Ma'am"the young boy said. " I will"!
"Pa!!" found some tracks"it was Tom, "there heading north"
"Jacob?" Ma yelled "come back home,were going to need your help"
Pa mounted his horse, "come on boys there aint much we can do in the dark"
but Tom wasnt too happy with his decision and said as much.
"Pa we cant let that scum get away with this,you know if theyre heading north in the dark, theyre either Jay Hawkers or Red Legs, and if they get to the fort theres no way we'll be able to make em pay for this"!! said Tom
"I know son, but your Ma and sisters are going to need us, and we cant track em in the dark."
Thats when It started. At first I couldnt describe it, it was cold, like a norwestern blizzard, yet it burned deep inside,like I had just swallowed a chunk of burning coal. They'd never make it to that Yankee fort. they'd never see another sunrise.
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