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Murder gone wrong; mistaken identity realized due to pregnancy
Unborn Baby Saves Mother's Life!

BALTIMORE, MD In April 2005, 20 year-old Tonya walked into Pregnancy Center West in Catonsville, for a urine test and counseling. The test confirmed her fear; she was nearly two months pregnant. "I simply cannot have this baby," cried the petite brunette, "I'm already stressed raising two little boys by myself!" The counselor, Ronell, compassionately discussed options and services that are available to Tonya, but she left the center determined to abort her child.

Six months later, she returned to the center still pregnant! Her counselor for this session was Maureen. "I couldn't go through with the abortion," Tonya confessed, "Something the counselor said made me change my mind. I still can't keep this baby, but I will carry him and offer him up for adoption. I know he is meant to be born. Two months ago, I was sleeping in my bed with my two boys. I woke up to see a man standing over me with a gun to my head. 'Do you know what time it is?' he growled. At first, I didn't care; I thought Jesus, take me now. Then I remembered my kids. “Please mister, don't kill me,” I begged, “I have two small boys and I'm pregnant.” 'What did you just say?' he snapped. "I said I'm pregnant." 'Girl, what is your name?' he demanded. So, I told him. '#%&!' he huffed, stomping his feet, 'I am in the wrong house.' Then he turned and left.

"Do you realize the significance of all this?" asked Maureen incredulously. "The baby whose life you were going to end just saved your life." Tonya agreed shyly; "He sure did."
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