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Rated: 13+ · Outline · Fantasy · #1125872
This is the outline for the novel I am writing titled "Sword of the Changeling".
Framing for “Sword of the Changeling”

Chapter 1


the main character is sitting at the bar inside the local tavern in the town of Aramiz in the country of Drakonia. it’s a rather clear night which is unusual for that region. The only lights in pub are those which emit from the few candles spread across the room and the glow from the blood red moon


Lucian Ketra (main char), Bar keep, bar maid, mysterious cloaked stranger on the other side of the tavern, Olarin Dagnir (injured man, main villain), and a few of the usual patrons.

Character Descriptions/backgrounds:

Lucian Ketra:20 years old. 6’tall, 235 lbs, muscular build; Long black hair that goes to the middle of his back, always kept in a braided pony tail, and an average length and shape goatee; bright green eyes that can pierce straight thru your body; dons a set of blood stained plate mail and matching kite shield, a black riding cloak, a one handed broad sword w/ an intricate celtic design on the hilt, handle and pommel; even when he was young he was some sort of a hero. He always stopped the local bullies from picking on his friend Olarin Dagnir. He now sets out in search of adventure and treasure unknowing of what is to come before him.

Bar Keep:5’5” tall. Quite husky for his size. Has balding brown hair. His side burns form into his mustache. I very kind and gentle hearted man. Brown shirt. Brown pants. Brown boots.

Bar Maid:5’7”. slender. Very attractive. Shoulder length blonde hair. A green bar maid dress the emphasizes on her bust. The bottom is high cut and the neck line is very low cut so that is shows her shirt.

Cloaked Stranger: not much too him. No pronounced features to speak of. Just a man in a black hooded cloak who occasionally takes a sip from is tankard

Olarin Dagnir: 5’9”. scrawny, very pale skin tone. Grey-blue eyes. Bald. Torn, ripped, and blood stained commoner clothes. Has several claw marks, deep gashes, and bruises all over his body. The blood on his clothes is his own.


Lucian is sitting at the bar drinking his ale. The bar maid is serving the rest of the patron in the tavern. Lucian pulls the bar keep to the side and asks him about the mysterious stranger. The bar keep knows nothing about him. Olarin bursts into the tavern with a scream and falls to the dirty floor. Lucian recognizes him and rushes to his aid. Lucian yells at the bar maid to fetch some damp rags to treat the wounds with. The patrons crowd around the Lucian and Olarin. The mysterious stranger peers thru the crowd from his seat in the dark corner. The bar maid retrieves the rags and hands them to Lucian. Who then applies them to Olarins wounds. Lucian asks him what has happened. Olarin proceeds to explain that he was in a cave system where a great treasure was said to be kept, the Sword of The Changeling. But he was attacked by a horde of cave orcs. After giving all the information that he can Olarin passes out. Lucian tells the bar keep to put him up in the inn till he returns. And in all the commotion day light has broke. Lucian swears to avenge Olarin. Lucian sets out on his black mare for the town of Berad.

Chapter 2


8 am about. The south country side of Drakonia. foggy.

Character: Lucian Ketra, goblins, Vanwa

Character descriptions/backgrounds:

Goblins: 3 goblins that resemble the bullies from his childhood

Vanwa: 7 year old boy. Blonde hair. Brown eyes.

Plot: on way to next town Lucian runs into small boy being attacked by three goblins that resemble the bullies from his childhood. After defeating the goblins he takes the boy back to his home and discusses with the boy about why he was attacked. As he takes the boy home he has flash back to his childhood.

Chapter 3


The village of Hazlen in the country of Drakonia. Around noon. A partly cloudy day. And a soft breeze can be felt between the homes and shoppes of the village. What sounds like children playing can be heard coming from the outskirts of the village.


Lucian Ketra, Olarin Dagnir, Brask (bully 1), Torig (bully 2), Velgrimm (bully 3)

Character descriptions/backgrounds:

Lucian Ketra: half elf. a 12 year old boy who is interested in the arts of the sword. He believes that Olarin is his best friend. Saves Olarins ass on many occasions.

Olarin Dagnir: elf. an 11 year old boy who is more interested in his studies. Aspires to be a great warlock. He is often beaten up for this by the local bullies (Brask, Torig, and Velgrimm). Inside he hates Lucian for always saving him and making him look weaker than he really is. He waits for a day in which he can redeem himself.

Brask(bully1):human. your average looking 14 year old boy. Leader of the gang. Hooked nose that appears to have been broken one too many times.

Torig(bully2): half ogre. 14 year old boy. Is about the size of a 20 year old man. Brasks right hand man

Velgrimm(bully3): human. 13 year old boy. Quite short considering his age. Kinda pudgy. He is often the butt of a lot of Brasks jokes but is still accepted into the group.


Lucian is being taught swordsmanship from one of the local militia men. Olarin is being bullied by Brask, Torig, and Velgrimm like he is usually does on a daily basis. As all bullies do they are beating up Olarin for being weaker than them and for being so different. After Lucians training he goes to find Olarin. When he find Olarin he is on the ground bleeding. This is not the first time Lucian as gone to his aid against there bullies. Lucian sends them back to their mothers crying as usual. Lucian helps Olarin to his feet and Olarin shoots him and evil glare when he isn’t looking. They head back to the village.

Chapter 4

Setting: Atar’s farm. 9am.

Characters: Lucian Ketra, Vanwa , Atar, Filia AKA Din Tal

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Lucian Ketra

Vanwa: an 11 year old boy. Always gets lost when he leaves his fathers farm without him

Atar : the boys father. His Wife Bereth past away while giving birth to Vanwa.

Filia AKA Din Tal : 19 years old. 5’9”. Red shoulder length hair. Brown eyes. Vanwa’s older sister, Atar’s eldest child. Has train with the greatest Rogues for the past 5 years and is coming home for the first time since her training began. Her father believes that he was sending her to a seamstress school. Blames Vanwa for her mothers death.

Plot: after bringing Vanwa home and introducing himself to Vanwa’s father Atar, Atar invites him in to relax to show his gratitude. After some time a female walks thru the door. Atar rushes the woman and hugs her. It is his daughter Filia. Atar introduces her to Lucian. Atar explains to Filia why Lucian is there. Lucian then explains to the both of them about his journey. Lucian bids them good day. As Lucian is saddling up Filia rushes out of the house and begs him to take her with him. He refuses and she storms back into the house.

Chapter 5:

Setting: 10:30 am. Countryside of Drakonia


Lucian Ketra, Filia

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Plot: Lucian rides off towards Berad again. After hearing what sounded like running foot steps he whips his head around only to find that there is no one behind him. When he turns back around he is smacked in the head by a branch and is knocked off his mare. He lands with a hollow thud and slips into a deep sleep. He dreams that he is back at Filias house but she is the only one that lives there. *insert naughty things from Toni’s brain here* she starts going down on him, he awakens to find that his mare is biting at his crotch.

Chapter 6:

Setting: the south gates of Berad

Characters: gate guard, Lucian Ketra

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Plot: Lucian mounts his mare again and continues his ride. Taken in by the scenery he thinks back on his dream and cant seem to get Filia out of his mind. When he arrives at the gates of Berad the great adventurers town he is forced to dismount his mare to speak with the guard beyond the gate. The guard asks where he comes from and what his business is. Lucian replies that he was born in the village of Hazlen and rides from the town of Aramiz, and that his business is to search for a team worthy enough to venture with him after a mystical item. The guard allows him to pass the gates. Lucian takes a firmer grip on his mares reigns and walks thru the gates. Lucian stops and tells the guard to send anyone bold enough to partake in such a quest should see him at the tavern. Lucian proceeds to the tavern cautiously.

Chapter 7:

Setting: The streets of Berad

Characters: Lucian Ketra, Shop keepers

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Plot: Lucian walks over to the stables just inside the town. Tips the stable boy 20 gold pieces to keep a close eye on his mare. As Lucian heads off to the tavern he gets a sense that he is being followed. So this time instead of looking back he picks up his paces. He looks to his left at a shop as to see reflections in the window. He spots a hooded figure walking the same pace as him and picks up his pace to a jog. Still jolting his vision to the shop windows noticing that the figure is still keeping up with him and with easy despite the fact that the street is so crowded. Lucian begins to run with all his might. He darts down an alley way weaving in and out of passages and shops to find a way to lose the hooded figure. And eventually he finds himself tripping over a dwarf that is leaving the tavern.

Chapter 8:

Setting: a tavern in the town of Berad

Characters: Lucian Ketra, Naugrim Hammerstone, bar keep

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Naugrim Hammerstone: 5’ tall. Heavy set. Long dirt brown hair and beard. He wields a two handed war hammer. He comes from a wealth clan of dwarves. He was outcasted when he brought an injured elf into their caves to be healed. He is now obsessed with trying to gather enough wealth to buy his honor back from his clan and to clean his record.


Naugrim is flustered after being knocked down by Lucian. Lucian helps him to his feet and asks for forgiveness. Naugrim forgives him and apologizes for not watching as to where he was going either. Lucian offers to buy Naugrim a drink and he graciously accepts. As they walk to a table near the back Lucian hollers at the bar keep to bring them 2 pints of their finest ale. As they take their seats the bar keep arrives with their drinks. Naugrim asks what Lucians rush was earlier. So Lucian decides to start from the beginning and tell Naugrim his whole story. And in return Lucian asks about Naugrims past. Naugrim seems reluctant to reply but does so anyways. After learning about Naugrims troubling past he asks if he would like to join him in his quest. Naugrim says he will have to sleep on it. By now the sun as sank in the distance and the moon is high in the sky. They both ask the bar keep for rooms and then go to their respective rooms.

Chapter 9:

Setting: Dawn in the town of Berad

Characters: Lucian Ketra, Naugrim Hammerstone

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Plot: As Lucian heads down the stairs he spot Naugrim sitting at the same table they were the night before surrounded by dirty plates eating what appeared to be his 8th plate of breakfast. As Lucian takes the seat he was in the night before the bar maid asks if he would like a spot of breakfast. He replies that he would like what Naugrim is having but only one serving. After sometime the bar maid brings his plate. After they both finish their meals Lucian asks Naugrim for his decision. Naugrim agrees to go with him on the condition that he keeps 1/3 of all gold found. Lucian agrees and they both set out of the tavern. They head towards the south gate of the town to retrieve his Mare. After acquiring Lucians horse they head out of the north gate. As they head towards the north gate Lucian begins to check behind him for the hooded figure again. Naugrim notices and tells him to calm down or else he will draw attention to them which is one thing they don’t want for the fact that the north end of the town is full of shifty people. Lucian becomes nervous for everyone he sees is wearing some sort of hooded cloak. As they pick up their pace the gates rose up in the distance till they were upon them. The gates slowly creaked open and they walked through. Lucian mounts his mare and helps Naugrim to saddle up behind him. They set off for the place that the SotC is said to be.

Chapter 10:

Setting: Forest north of Berad. Although it is dawn the trees cover so much of the sky that it appears to be night.

Characters: Lucian Ketra, Naugrim Hammerstone

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Plot: Lucian and Naugrim head towards the Forest Umbrarum. Naugrim tightens his grip as they get closer. Lucian stops his mare and asks Naugrim what the problem is. Oddly Naugrim is scared of the forest. It is said that those who head into the forest never return. After reassuring Naugrim that he is scarier and tougher than anything they will find in the woods they head straight in to the deep abyss of the woods. Naugrim still nervous continually looks over his shoulder only barely dodging oncoming branches. Suddenly Lucian hands Naugrim the reigns and tells him to stop the mare. Lucian backflips into the canopy of the forest only to crash down to the ground standing on a black mass. Naugrim looks on in amazement seeing perfectly clear what Lucian is standing on. Lucian looks down to see the same hooded figure that chased him back in Berad. Lucian squats down and pulls the hood off the figure to reveal.

Chapter 11

Setting: deep inside Forest Umbrarum

Characters: Lucian Ketra, Naugrim Hammerstone, Filia AKA Din Tal

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds:

Plot: The hooded figure is Filia. Lucian begins to draw his sword and Filia throws him off of her and draws her twin daggers. He asks what she is doing following him. She explains that she spent time studying the arts of the rogue for the past five years. She asks him to call her Din Tal for that is the name given to her by the order. Lucian introduces Naugrim to Din Tal. And After discuss what to do from there Lucian finally agrees to let Din Tal tag along. Lucian asks how she is going to travel and she replies that she will run thru the trees just as she did when she was following him. Lucian saddles up again and all three set out for the other side of the forest.

Chapter 12

Setting: near the heart of Forest Umbrarum

Characters: Lucian Ketra, Naugrim Hammerstone, Din Tal

Plot: After jumping into the tops of the trees Din Tal sprints from tree branch to tree branch attempting to scout ahead for any dangers. A branch gives way as she sprints and she manages to catch herself before falling too far. After about 30 minutes of running she looks down and notices that she can no longer she Lucian and Naugrim riding below her when all of a sudden one of the branches she ran on reached out and grabbed her and threw her hurtling to the ground. When she finally awoke from her daze Lucian and Naugrim were standing right above her. She explained what happened but before she had a chance to get up and brush herself off she noticed that they were now facing a giant wall of vines. The vines began to take the shape of a face and the mysterious face spoke in a booming voice that knocked Naugrim to the ground and spooked Lucian’s mare. It would’ve knock Din Tal to the ground if it wasn’t for the fact that she was already on the ground. Lucian’s legs buckled from the booming voice. The face was speaking in a forgotten language but once they group spoke to it the face suddenly change the language in which he spoke to a rough version of common. But still they didn’t understand the face for he spoke in riddles.
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