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Touch the diamonds in the velvety darkness, from amongst the droplets of the amethyst rain
          We could touch the diamonds in the velvety darkness, from amongst the

droplets of the fading amethyst rain. The frozen blanket of night spilled out before us

in perfect harmony with the ever so fleeting raindrops that stretched across the

landscape. The very air was unmoving; the clouds of pearly breath had disappeared,

a limbo between years and hours. But we didn’t seem to notice.

          I remember distinctly how your eyes would glimmer under the silver

crescent of the moon; the light creating a halo above your head. The light was so

very keen as you were, at that very moment, my angel.

          The rain is fleeting and so was the moment, as you pressed your lips to

my neck, nuzzling close to me in order to become warm. I knew that you were not

cold; I didn’t say a word. Instead, I listened to you whisper poetic words, your warm

breath kissing the nape of my neck. At that very moment, I knew I was in love.

          So intently, I listened, my heart set on to every syllable, waiting for your

lips to stop and then gently brush across my neck. We laughed and talked of times

long past, our voices in key with the harps of heaven. As we settled down, resting

on each other for warmth, you wrapped your hand around mine. Our fingertips

blistered from the cold.

          You whispered the words ‘I love you’ ever so softly in to my ear. And at

that moment I looked down in to your hazel eyes smouldered like the blue of a

flame in darkness. In those eyes of which eternity erupted, I felt at peace.

          You smiled at me and I smiled back; the skin on my sore lips tearing

and stinging. I didn’t say a word as my voice would have been too overwhelmed so

instead I implored to you with my eyes.

          And we sealed it with a kiss underneath the soft resonance of rain.
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