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It is about a girl called Charlie who is advised by Ms Porter not to go back in Sep.
Characters in order of appearance
Charlie -main Character
Ms Porter
Shady figure

(Set in a school.)

(Narrator enters Stage right and stands in the centre of the stage/floor)

We all fear things but sometimes fear becomes an
Obsession. This is what happens to Charlie smith.......

(The narrator notices Charlie at the back of the room, She raises her hand as if prompting them to continue. The narrator hesitates)

Charlie was once a bubbly 15yr old straight A student at St
Margaret’s high school. She was extremely popular with her
Teachers & peers however something changed.

(We hear another loud piercing scream and Charlie enters through the audience as the narrator runs off Stage left. Charlie is carrying a school bag and in that bag is an envelope addressed to her from her head of year. Charlie opens the letter carefully and starts to read it silently. The narrator reads the letter through a microphone if you have one if not the voice will do just as well)

Dear Charlotte, we regret to inform you that due to certain circumstances it would be unwise for you to return to st Margaret’s in September. Good luck for the future .
JAYNE PORTER head of yr 11

What is going on? Why now? Ms porter only wants to protect herself .She doesn’t care about me. What about my G.C.S.ES? (G.C.S.Es are exams taken at 16. They replaced cses and o-levels)

(Charlie freezes. A group of people enter and do a frozen image showing Charlie being a leader. When everyone is in the image Charlie starts to speak again. At this point Charlie spots cookie she is wearing her hair in a high ponytail)

Everything fell apart after I met Cookie. I should have known
She was trouble as the year mentor told me but I was naïve
To say the least.

(Cookie and her gang enter through the audience up to centre stage, the people making the image scatter and make a semi circle behind cookie and her gang. cookie standing with hands on her hips. Her gang are looking bored. Cookie steps forward)
(harshly) Who the Hell are you?

My names Charlie how are you?

(cookie’s gang look at one another)

You will do what I say or else!

or else what?

(Charlie and Cookie part from the group and cookies gang step closer. Everyone is frozen except Cookies gang who are clapping and laughing while Charlie and Cookie circle each other. They freeze staring at each other and the gang tell the crowd the show’s over and Break it up 2 or 3 leave here. Julie, one of Cookies gang notices Ms Porter. Charlie and Cookie don’t notice Ms Porter until she addresses them directly)

Ms Porter at 5 o clock Lets go!

(The remaining people scatter in all directions Ms porter enters stage right carrying either books or a stack of paper. Cookies gang notice her and block her way)

Ms Porter
(to Cookies gang)
Girls! What are you waiting for the bell went 6 minutes ago. Haven’t you got a class to be going too?

lets go girls!

(They turn and wiggle their hips departing towards stage right)

Ms Porter
I will see you in detention

(Cookies gang mutter to each other about Ms porter under their breath)

Yeah Yeah whatever you fat old hag

( They leave the stage)

(Ms Porter notices Charlie and Cookie)

Ms porter
What are you waiting for chop! Chop!
(under her breath)
This isn’t over yet Charlie. You will regret this meeting and ever crossing Cookie

(Cookie storms off the stage, quickly followed by Charlie and Ms Porter as a piercing scream resounds around the stage)

(We hear music played in the 1980’s and people laughing. Cookie enters wearing a smart jacket and her hair loose against her face. She starts to pace the stage and breathing heavily. She then looks at the watch and begins to mutter)

Where is she? She was supposed to be here a hour ago?
One of Cookie’s gang
Don’t worry Cookie she will be here soon

(A figure stumbles towards Cookie. Cookie hasn’t seen the figure so the figure stamps It’s foot. Cookie turns and acknowledges the stranger)

Well did you get it?

Shady Figure

What do you mean Ah?

Miss. your so-called gang are useless. We only retrieved half of the
items on the list

Did you get the box? It doesn’t really matter about the rest

(Cookie goes over to the Shady figure and wraps her fingers around the shady figure’s neck. The shady character is begging for mercy)

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