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Different Poems i have been working on, both free verse and structured.
For The Veteran Nurses

I see the men come in every day,
Their brows blackened, smelling of decay,
I see the pain upon their faces
Faces from so many races.

I am a nurse in this forsaken war
A powerful healer, but nothing more,
I am needed, there is no doubt
But could they win, if I was out?

They honor those who fight with guns
But not us, who are more like Nuns.
We fight with syringes and gauze
And we always support their cause.

I ask you now, to honor we,
The ones who care for you and me.
We are strong, we are fast
Without us, how would you last?

Don’t you see what honor we need?
Don’t you know that we deserve that steed?
Of this war, aren’t we heroes?
Or are we just the average zeroes?

Don’t forget what we have done,
For what we had to do wasn’t fun,
Please try if you can,
To remember us as veterans

The Cactus

In the arid desert waits
a lonely dying cactus.
He has been abandoned
by his fellow cacti.
He is thirsty
Thirsty for love
but gets none in return.

The cactus sits watching the sky
waiting for his one
true love, the Rain.
The rain he believes loves
him back, but knows not why.

His friends scoff at his love
of the coursing rain
for the rain destroys all
in the desert life.
It brings floods which wash away his family
but he cares not

He knows that behind the destruction
is the love he wants
for the destructive water
still brings life.

Still the cactus waits
watching the skies
waiting for his love
to fall from the Heavens.


I chose to write a poem
about a beautiful maiden
with whom my heart belongs

I love this maiden
for all her beauty
and the love she gives.

Though I have yet
to taste her kiss
I love her still.

She is my one desire
my earthly wish
the only thing I need.

I cannot name her
in this poem
for it is not worthy of her name

I choose to write this poem
to express my love
for my beautiful country maiden.
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