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This document talks about publishing through internet, by Dr. Hedaya Alasooly.

This report is after 2 weeks research. In this report I will talk about the publishing services in the internet, including journal publishing.

In fact the publishing issue was of special interest for me, because I wanted to find some way to publish my articles, and if possible sell them through internet. So, it was important for me to make special research in this area.

What I found that there is bulk number of publishing providers in the net, and it was not easy to find really free one. Most of these publishing providers can be found in the web site opublishing.info

This report is divided to different sections,
• Section 1: Lists some of the free publishing providers. All of these providers, (except Lulu.com) allows you only to post your article or abstract as form of blog. I did not go deeply on each of them (I just tried to post my article with them), so I don’t want to say which one is better, and I will leave this issue for you. Some of what I concluded
1. Lulu.com is the cheapest place to publish your book and promote it to search engines, as they don’t take any fees to publish your book but they take a commission and give you a royalty for each book sold. But the disadvantage, they don’t review or edit your book. I published my “Free VOIP Calls” report with them.
2. The other providers in this section allow you to post your article with them in a form of blog. I will not say in this quick work which one is better, but as I noted good thing in http://searchwarp.com/ is that they review your work before publishing, and the good thing in www.writing.com is that it has good writing environment and you can find your article listed easily in the www.writing.com search engine. You can go to my article web page with each provider to decide which provider will fit your need.

• Section 2: Lists some of the commercial publishing providers that I went through roughly in the net.

• Section 3: Gives idea about the publishing service, information in this section extracted from some sites in the internet..


In this quick work, I gave the reader the most existing choices for publishing in the internet. I see publishing is interesting area, and I recommend further research should be done in such area..

Section 1: List of Free Publishing Providers

Here I present some of my work with some of the free publishing providers, as a guide to remember how they can help me in future,

1. Lulu.com

I registered, and published one of my works as a book, really things with them are easy, as they published my work without asking any fee, but they asked me that to pay me my royalialities


2. Shvoong

They give you here the opportunity to post your abstract and earn money if your abstract gained the attention of the readers. I used it to post my overview in Free (Voice Over IP) Calls. The problem, is that it does not allow you to define a keywords.

3. ArticlesGratuits.com

Here is also very good place to post your article. The problem is that it is difficult to format your text, and you have to do that manually. I used it to post my overview in Free (Voice Over IP) Calls. My work with them

4. http://www.newyorkliteraryagency.com/

I apply and they answer by email asking for my manuscript to review it within 2-4 weeks.

5. http://searchwarp.com/

It is free site for publishing, and I see it is good place for publishing.

But, they review the article, and if it was not good enough they remove it. Also this sit is slow.

6. http://www.blogomonster.com

My work with them

7. http://www.gigablogs.net/

My article with them,

8. www.21publish.com

My article with them,

9. http://www.writing.com

The good thing is that in this site has good writing environment, and it was easy to define a keywords for my article and list my work in their search engine. My article with them,

10. http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/

They give you after submission the following message that indicate they will review the work,
“Thank you for using ITtoolbox to connect with the IT community. Your information has been submitted for review to ensure your blog meets the basic community standards. A representative from ITtoolbox will be in touch shortly. To help ensure we’re able to reach you, please add this e-mail address to your contact list:

11. https://www.weishare.com/

My article with them,

12. www.heliumknowledge.com

I just felt they maybe review the work. My article there

13. http://mstracker.com/

I could not pickup what type of services they provide.

Section 2: List of Commerical Publishing Providers

Here a list of some of the commercial publishing providers, and some of my little experience with them.

1. Autherhouse

I tried to make registration but they ask for book id, and I did not know how to give this number. I sent them an email (authorsupport@authorhouse.com), but no answer.

2. iUniverse

I registered but I could not publish, because I have to subscribe to one of their non free packages.

3.. http://www.mondialbooks.com/

They asked me to wait 3 weeks to review my abstract and send me back

4. www.whitmorepublishing.com

I registered and asked me to get guideline. I received his email which ask me to send my submission and wait answer for 6 weeks. It seems free.

5. Outskirts Press

I have to register, and choose the publishing package, and then they review my manuscript and then approve it to continue.

6. Tate Publishing

It asked me to register, and upload my file, then wait email. When I asked them about if their service is free, they said it cost a lot.

7. Book Surge

I submitted question to them. I received their email to answer some questions, to give me a suitable program.
After that they give me the offer for package 600$ for their publishing service

8. Raider:
I sent question, they say publish fee 600$.
9. Freelancers Association
They help in answering your questions in publishing.
10. BlackBirdmedia
I sent them my question, but no answer yet.
11. Digital delta

I sent them my file through mail and I wait their answer (prepress@digitaldata-corp.com)

12. Firstchoicebooks.ca

They say it can be free . I sent them email (info@firstchoicebooks.ca).

13. Morris publishing
Upon receipt of your material, they'll prepare your book and send you a FREE proof, allowing you to review your book before it's printed. After you have approved the proof, your books will be printed, bound, and shipped to you.
14. online-book-publishing-review.toptenreviews.com

This site compare some of what he consider the best publishers. iUniverse, AuthorHouse, Infinity Publishing , Virtualbookworm Publishing, Llumina Press, Outskirts Press, Xlibris, eBookstand, Fultus, Aventine Press, BookLocker. I attached their comparison in the third section.

15. Aachanon Publishing

16. Instant publisher

17. Questia
It is online library, we need to subscribe to get benefit from it from research.

18. brownreclusebooks.com

I sent them question

19. Trafford:

Not free from their packages.

20 Dog Ear
Pick a Package, Call us to sign up, then Submit your materials

21 Xlibris

I registered and they asked me to wait their kit to know how to publish.They replied with around 500$ - 2000$ packages.

22 Book master

I asked them how they provide their service, they said they print only, don’t publish.

23 48hrs book
Fill out our spec sheet , Send us your files (we prefer PDF format, but we'll take most major file types), OK the PDF softproof that we send you, and we'll print, bind and ship within 2 business days . It ask for credit card information.
24 BooksjustBooks
I don’t see registration options. There is good faq

25 Wheatmark

Download the publishing order form, prepare the manuscript and submit your materials(Payment, the publishing order form and the manuscript), Note, they answered my questions by telling me their package price, 800$.

26 Lexican

I contacted them to see how publish with them

27 Copy Guy.com

They ask to send the file by email. After I sent them , they asked me to answer some question from Daryl Theurer admin@mycopyguy.com. They answered that they are not publishing company, but they are print and ship the paid orders.

28 Ebook-time

They are publishing company, with a packages around 400-700$

29 www.newglobalpublishing.com

30 www.blogit.com

I have to choose in between many subscription plans to be able to write.

31 www.knowledge-download.com

They have good guide for writing and publishing and building a website for your ebook with them (I attached it). You have to order to publish with them.

32 Oasis

33 AIP

34 http://www.writerswrite.com/

35 http://www.beckhamhouse.com

36 http://win-edge.com/selfpublishing

37 http://www.self-publishing.com

38 http://www.go-publish-yourself.com

39 http://www.wordassociation.com

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