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I decided I needed to have a place for my poetry and I love to share it.
The unmistakeable rumble of his steed
Throbbing , pulsating between their legs,
Like a beast, controlled by this modern day knight
He carried the maiden pillion,
As her pelvis pressed against his back,
Her long thighs squeezed against his hips
His gloved hand reached back to brush against her leg
She responded, her body welding to his
The cool wind on their faces ,
Cutting through the kercheifs they wore
Like masks of past highwaymen
Their eyes protected by dark glasses ,
Hiding the passion that burned inside
Tactile, the touches were soft and subtle
As the rumbling, thundering of the Harley
Sensations, tantalising , lustful yearnings
Like delicious foreplay it seduced them
'til like a crescendo it reached its peak
The steed slowed and brought to a stop
He alighted taking her into his arms
He lifted her helmet her red curls flowing
removed the scarf that masked her face
Revealed her eyes from beneath their shield
Without a word he did the same
And as they stood there enwrapped in each other
Their eyes enveloped in one anothers gaze
Three words were forming on her lips
He knew them well as had heard them before
Those words that told him of her deepest emotions
She whispered them quietly breathing them into his ear
And responding to her as he stood by her side
Their passion electric, their charges combined
Repeating those words she wanted to hear.....
...................................." Baby let's ride"

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