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by Wren
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Mabel was so glad to see him, but...
Mabel was sitting in a recliner near the entrance when the young man squatted down beside her. She reached out to him with her bony hands, her face aglow. “Will you look who’s here? I haven’t seen you in ages. How have you been?” she asked.

Mabel had been living at Elm Court a few months, and I had never laid eyes on this man before. I had heard the same greeting, though, when any visitor arrived. Her next-door neighbor Gladys came every Tuesday. Her sister Beulah came Fridays, health permitting. Her pastor came weekly. Others came sporadically. This man had never been here before, I was sure of it.

I moved closer, helping another resident to his chair so I could listen in. The young man looked around at me, and I busied myself making the old gentleman comfortable.

“You look wonderful, Aunt Mabel,” he purred. “Even better than last week when I was here,” he said.

“Do I look better?” she asked, smiling at him. “Maybe I’m getting well enough to come home then,” she whispered conspiratorially.

“That would be wonderful. I could take care of you, just like before. Would you like that?”

“In my own house?” Mabel asked, joyfully.

He looked around, nervously. I finished my fluffing and headed to the office.

“I’ll get it all ready for you. I’ll need a little money for repairs though,” he said quietly. “If that’s all right. A thousand should do.”

“What was that?” she asked. He repeated himself more loudly.

“Oh yes!“ she said, enthralled. “Now, who did you say you are again?”

I had hardly hung up the phone when the officer arrived. I pointed him toward Mabel’s chair.

The young man looked up. “I’d like a word with you,” the officer said.

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