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This is the movie that the Emer Productions Summer Movie Club will be making this summer.
Opening credits including "Save the World (Demo version)". A bell rings. Elementary school students are seen walking out of a building. Many should be carrying papers about "storytime at the Library". Basically though, the kids are just being kids. Pann or cut to the high school. Tanya is seen carrying her books and a cell phone, which she is talking on.

Tanya (whispered yells): Now look! I am fed up with you Tom! We are stuck together all summer and I will not stand for any thing else do you understand?!! If I didn’t need this kind of experience to put on my colledge reseme, I wouldn’t tutor you if it were the last thing to do on earth!

Tanya walks away, and continues talking. A man is putting a sign up on a post that states that they will soon be constructing a new mall there. Ann and Francie walk past not noticing, camera follows them.

Ann: I’m not really clear what to do this summer. I mean, I feel like we should get something out of it. It seems like every year, we sit around all summer, and do nothing, let our brains rot out.

Francie: So what do you mean?

Ann: Well, I want to do something, get something accomplished.

Francie: What do you suggest?

Ann: I don’t know, go out and save something.

Both laugh as they walk off down a tree-filled area.

Francine: Oh Ann, you're such a tree hugger!

Ann: Seriously though.

The two sit down on a park bench. Ann begins to untie her shoes. Pauses for a moment.

Ann: I wish it could always be like this. So beautiful. Quiet. Not a sound of industry, or of man's influence.

Francine: It'll never stay that way though.

Ann: What do you mean? (holding shoes)

Francine: Because, nothing good ever stays that way for long.

Ann frowns thoughtfully with elbow rested on her leg. Cut to different part of town. Chainsaw or lawnmower buzzes. Ann is walking home from school. Walks into house.

Mom: Hey hun. How was school?

Ann: Well...it was school. (laughs or sighs) I'm just glad it's over.

Mom: What are you gonna do this summer?

Ann: I don't really know for sure, that's the thing. All I know is that I'm going to the library at some point to do a storytime. I figure I should make some use of my summer.

Mom: Well hun, you will. Even if it's just talking to people.

Ann: That's not too much of a use. I do talk- too much. I mean, helping people and stuff, that's what I need to- do.

Mom: You'd be surprised what little things can do.

Ann: (grabs the pop can her mom is about to throw in the trash out of her hand) Ah- like that.

Mom: See, you're already making a difference!

Ann laughs, then walks outside tosses the can in a recycling bin (at this point the camera is shooting the bin).

Cut directly to library.

Libraran: Children, I'd like to introduce you all to Annabelle Simms, who will be reading you a story today. Would you all give her a big round of applause?

Librarian steps back, and welcomes Ann to the chair at the front.

Ann: Hello...today I'd like to read you one of my very favorite stories, which my mother read to me when I was very young. It's called "The Lorax" and it's by Dr. Suess, the same guy that wrote "The Cat In the Hat". Alright (reads The Lorax)./(The children applaud) Thank you.

Ann steps away, and walks outside. As she is picking up a few bits of litter, she sees a large piece of paper. She scoffs at the carelessness of it, and then picks it up. closeup of her hands as she unfolds it show that it is the same kind of poster as was being hung up at the beginning of the movie. It is also advertising that a new shopping mall is going to be built. She gives a surprised look, and runs off. Francine is talking on a cell phone when Ann walks up.

Francine: I know! Just flat out! I know, it ticked me off too! (Ann has walked up to her to try to get her attention) And then- hold on- WHAT ANN?!!

Ann shows her the paper.

Francine: Oh cool! Yeah, so anyway-

Ann: Not cool Francine!

Francine: Look, I'm gonna have to talk to you later. (Francine shuts cell-phone) WHAT?!!

Ann: Francine, do you realize where they're talking about putting this up?

Francine: That's their business, I just hope we get a Kohls's or something. Oh! And a-

Ann: Francine, this is serious! It's going up where the Perkinson park is!

Francine: But how could they do that, that'd mean-...oh...

Ann: Exactly.

Francine: That's too bad, I always liked to go there, it's so pretty...Course a shopping mall could be cool too! I mean think about it!

Ann: Francine, we have a shopping mall already!

Francine: Yeah, but not on this side of town! And maybe now they'll have to compete for prices and-

Ann: Francine, you don't get it do you? They're ruining a whole park just to build a dumb mall! And we already have enough of those as it is!

Francine: So...?

Ann; We've got to do something about it! Start telling people! We'll protest it!

Francine: But how?

Ann: We'll get people together, tell them what's happening. They'll get around!

Francine: Okay. I guess I can call up a few people.

Ann: Good! And we'll announce it and everything. Have them meet at my house tomorrow at...2.

Francine: Okay.

Ann: Thanks.

At that point, Francine gets back to her cell-phone. Kind of phsycedelic style shots of them telling people about what's going on in different media forms. In the end, shots run by very quickly. Possibly use a sped up version of "No Time". At the end of all this, Ann is telling someone about the meeting.

Ann: Actually, we're ready to start in a few minutes, here we go.

A few people have filed into the room or driveway, depending on where works out better.

Ann: Take a seat.

Francine walks up behind her and whispers to her as she hands her sandles.

Francine: Here, you forgot them. I thought you might need these.

Ann: (laughs) Okay, okay!

Ann slips her shoes on.

Tanya: (seated, with elbow on legs, propping head up)This better not take long, I have a youth leaders meeting soon!

Ann: (Finishing getting the shoes on and standing up)It won't take too long. Besides, it's worth it.

Roberta: It'd better be! I blew off a softball practice to come here.

Ann: Alright, well if everyone would just settle down, we could get started.

Tanya: Whatever, I'm ready.

Ann: Okay! Do you guys know why you're here? I would assume you do.

Roberta: Francine said there would be free food.

Agreement from several members of the crowd.

Ann: Well, there isn't (several people get up to leave). But wait! Wait! This is much more important than food! What is at stake here is the habitat of many small animals, and a lovely park for all of us.

Tanya: Sounds juicy, I think I'm heading for the Youth Leaders meeting. (starts to get up)

Ann: No! Wait guys!

Tanya: What?

Ann: Please! Give me five minutes of your time. You won't regret it.

Tanya: I might.

Ann: Alright, this is what's going on. You know that big shopping mall they're putting up?

Roberta: Duh! That place sounds awesome!

Ann: Well it isn't! They going to demolish Perkinson park to build it. That means no more of that park. It'll be gone, with nothing to show for it but another mall. Do we really need another one? Ecspecially at such an expense?

Tanya: They're tearing up a park for it? And you want me to help?

Ann: (pleading) Yes!

Tanya: Kind of like a community service type thing?

Ann: Yeah, sort of.

Tanya: Count me in!

Roberta: I guess I could help out a bit. When I don't have softball and stuff.

Ann: Alright! We're gonna have to get a move on! We'll start tomorrow with all of it. You know, campaigning against the mall being put up there. Alright?

Revolution while they are working to save the park, calling people, spreading the word. Ann in lead. Ann tearing down posters advertising the mall, or altering the message. (break during the instramental)

Francine and Tanya are getting poster board.

Ann: What are you doing?

Francine: We're making protest signs.

Ann: That's new poster board.

Tanya: And?

Ann: So you're fighting paper with paper?

Revolution is resumed after the verse about Mao, because that doesn't have a lot to do with the movie.

Ann and Francine are having a sleepover, they are in their pajamas and sleeping bags. While talking. Ann is looking out the window when the camera fades in.

Ann: Some week eh? (turns away from the window)Construction for that mall starts in a little over a week from now. We really gotta get all this stuff done.

Francine: Ann, you gotta know when to take a break. You worked on that crap all week, now is relaxing time.

Ann: (Turns Sharply) It's not crap okay?!! This is important! You don't seem to understand the vitality of the situation. We've gotta save it okay? (sighs) Francine, do you remember when we became friends?

Francine: Yeah. Of course I do.

Ann: Well then? C'mon.

Francine: Well...it was...in kindergarten. Our teachers took all the classes to...the park...I- I was ripping the bark off of a tree to build a little "house". You came up to me and told me to stop. You said it was bad for the tree, and I didn't understand. A lot of times I don't understand things you say. You tried to explain it to me, but I still didn't understand. Then a couple of girls came over and started stomping around and breaking the house I had made. (laughs) You told them to quit it or you'd bash their heads in. And after that we sort of...were friends.

Ann: But it was all at the park. That park to be quite specific.

Francine: And due to your conservation.

Ann: And you...you remember it, is all. You should know how important to me that kind of thing has always been. Do you understand?

Alternating shots: Francine thinking, Ann smiling encouragingly, Francine conceding.

Francine: ...Yeah, I understand. But can't we get on to something else right now? I've kinda gotten tired of all this, I need a break.

Ann: Look, I understand that, but the thing is...don't expect me to necassarily be successful at stopping talking, okay?

Francine: Alright.

Ann hops down into her sleeping bag/comforter on the couch.

Ann: (Propping head up with her hand) So if you had your "druthers", what would you be doing this summer?

Francine: I dunno, going to the pool, the mall, looking for cute guys!

Ann: (With mouth propping up mouth)Fran, you know there are much more important things than guys? That seems to be all you're concerned with.

Francine: Well...I get really depressed thinking about all that other stuff. Besides, we're 15! We aren't supposed to be worrying about the stuff going on with the big important people. We're supposed to be concerned only with boys and being materialistic and stuff. C'mon, even the parents tell us to enjoy being young while we can and everything. This is it.

Ann: But Fran, if we aren't concerned, there may not be a world to be adults in. At least not for our children, or grandchildren. Things are going down incredibly fast, war, poverty, famine, hate, ecological destruction. And a lot of it is because people our age think they are beyond helping. They think it's not their job, but since they live on this planet, hello- it is.

Francine looks slightly ashamed.

Ann: And I'm not saying that's all you should be concerned with, it can make you explode. Sometimes is it is good to get away from it, and think about cute guys and stuff. But if you never think about it, that's when the problem occurs.

Francine: Ann, how could I never think about it with you around? Where you going?

Ann has gotten up, and walked to the other room/side of the room.

Ann: I wanna try something on you.

Francine: Eh?!!

Ann sits back down with a guitar.

Ann: Song I wrote.

Francine: Oh no! Not another one! (shoves head under a pillow)

Ann: You come out of there or I'll kick you out into the street, and you can sleep THERE- guitar free for the night!

Francine: Alright.

Francine takes her head out from under the pillow, and props her head up to listen. Ann pauses, closes her eyes, and prepares to strike the strings.She plays "Try To Think", during alternating shots of Francine listening, and Ann playing. At the end of the song, it fades to the next scene, which is during the protest. Ann has a megaphone, and is calling through it, telling the very small crowd (basically her, Tom, Tanya, and Francine, with maybe an extra person or two).

Ann: Alright, listen guys! We've been here for a few hours now! They said themselves that they can't start with us standing here! Now come on!

Francine: (Holding a protest sign painfully over her shoulder)But what if they call the police on us?

Ann: They can't! The marker outside still defines this is a public park. Nothing tells us it is private property, and legally, I don't think it can be.

Francine: Then what's the policaman coming over here for?

Ann: Wha- huh?

Police: We're gonna have to ask you kids to leave the area.

Ann: What do you mean? We're perfectly within our rights!

Police: Miss, I'm gonna have to ask you people to leave, or I'll have to take you all down to the station.

Ann: Alright! If you think you can make me leave-!

Francine, Tanya (non-comitally), and Tom are attempting to drag her off.


Tom: Ann, remember, the soldier that fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

Ann: I'm not a soldier!!! Let me go, he's wrong!!!

Ann is attempting in almost every way to get back. She should look very torn up by the end of it. Policeman waves as he makes a call on his walkie talkies. Once they have gotten Ann a ways away (to her house), they let her go, and she tries to go back, and they grab her again.

Tom: Listen Ann, you can't do any more if you've been arrested! We'll just have to start a new campaign and everything. Cause they're still gonna put it up in a few days. We'd better prepare for that, because I highly doubt they're gonna do anymore today, but they will later. Do that, quit trying to kill us.

Tanya: Yeah, I think I broke a nail trying to get you out of there! And this is an expensive manicure!

Ann wipes her face off a bit.

Ann: Okay...okay...well, c'mon then guys! You heard him, they're gonna put it up anyway in a few days! We'd have time, we can even get together some more people! They can't arrest us if there are enough people. Besides, they'd have nothing to hold us on! C'mon, let's get some support and...!

Guilty looks from Francine.

Ann: Guys? Tanya, I thought it was really important to you!

Tanya: It was. But I'll have my credit now. See ya.

Picks up bag and walks off.

Ann: Francine?

Francine: Ann...(hands Ann her protest sign)...this world saving stuff has always been more of your thing...I don't really know what to do.

Breathes deeply, sighs, shrugs, looks sorry, walks off.

Tom: C'mon guys!

Ann puts head in hands and sits down on the steps.

Tom: Hey, what's the matter?

Ann: I don't wanna talk about it Tom.

Tom: C'mon, what's up?

Ann: I screwed it up! For everybody!

Tom: It's not your- (Ann has gotten up and is going inside) Where are going?

Ann: Leave me alone Tom! I need some time to think.

Ann shuts the door, and Tom schlumps off. Ann closes her eyes and tilts head upward, then she slides down the door into a seated pile at the floor level. Looks at ceiling.

Ann: I know. I've failed you. I always said I'd make it worth it, I'd carry out the message you're not hear to tell, but...I messed it up. I messed it up for everyone. I'm so sorry. I gotta think about this. Maybe I can help you still. Maybe there's still hope. I will!

Walks off down the street as "Isn't it a Pity?(Version 2)" begins to play. Show walks through the neighborhood that go with the song. Very misty kind of pretty scene. As song fades out, camera has stopped following Ann, and started following a line of trees, and at the very end of the song, it has zoomed up high into the tree (showing sun would be a good aspect).
Ann is shown sitting cross-legged in the grass out by a pond, eyes closed, in concentration (semi-close-up). Tom walks up to her.

Tom: Ann? (semi-longshot) Ann?

Close-up of Ann. She opens one eye, then the other, slowly.

Ann: Yes?

Tom: Look, I know it's all a lot of weight on your shoulders, but the thing is...Tanya and Francine aren't the only ones involved. There are a lot of people depending on you. People older than you, younger than you, and people who simply don't give up as easy as they did. And you owe them one too.

Ann: I know, I'm trying to get it all figured out.

Tom: I know it's a bummer, and a let down, but...

Ann: I know, if I stop now, look at all the people I'll be letting down. It's just that sometimes, something hits you, and it just doesn't feel like you can go on.

Tom: But you have to.

Ann: I know. I really need to get over my own egotism, and do what's right for everyone, not just me.

Tom: (shot of Tom)Now listen, you aren't egotistic. I don't think I've met many people less egotistical than you. The only thing is, I know it's hard to go on sometimes with everyone not supporting you, or putting you down. (close-up of Tom, who looks down, clearly sad about something). But what I figured out is that you have to go on, no matter what crap the world throws at you. Because there is always someone out there who needs you. You've got to put on a smile, and...just keep going.

Ann: (Shot of Ann) Thanks Tom. Are you with me?

Short shot of Tom smiling slowly. Cut to Ann shown in a room.

Ann: Gosh, I don't even know particularly who I'm talking to. I think it's just an excuse to not be talking to myself. (close-up, smiles, laughs) Thing is, I think I got a bit sorted out. Tom helped me, but the main thing is, I gotta keep going. Whatever it takes, I'm gonna save that park. The whole world if I can.

More smiles, fade into shots of Ann working on continuing campaign as "Tears of a clown" plays, and Tanya and Francine occasionally look on.

Ann: (Talking to the sky seemingly again) Well, here goes. I think we got a lot more support this time...but it's today...and I have to lead all those people...I don't know if I can do it...(glances at time somewhere) OH! I'd better get going.

Rushes off. Tanya and Francine are seen talking.

Francine: Well, Ann's doing that big protest today. We would have been too, if we hadn't bailed out.

Tanya: So what is her big problem anyway?

Francine: Well, it's kind of a long story...I've known Ann since kindergarten, and she's always been...pretty much the same...she was the one who refused to throw away her containers at lunch, because she was going to take them home and recycle them. Her hobbies include trying to save the world, and trying to play the guitar, even though she can't...writing emo sounding songs, and trying to play them on the guitar. The operative word being trying. She has always tried. In school, just getting grades was never good enough for her. She had to do her best. After a while, she realized that grades didn't matter in the end, but she still did better than me. Probably just as good as she did before. She has always tried. Always did what was right, whatever the cost. (Francine pauses) You know what? We really should be out there with her. Just because we're too lazy...that's really what's right, and we know it. Just cause we're too lazy to bother...

Tanya: Now you listen to me! I am not too lazy! I am not lazy at all! I am the most un-slothlike person you could ever meet! But we tried, and we failed, and it's over now! Give it up, and quit being such a moron like Ann!

Francine: Ann is not a moron! Just because she cares?!! Just because she thinks it matters what goes on?!! That makes her a moron? Well then in that case I guess I'm a moron, but not as much of one as I should be...I'm going off to help the protest. You can just stay here and let the world fall apart around you.

Francine walks off.

Ann is looking at the crowd, feeling a bit apprehensive. She has a small stool to stand on, and again her megaphone. She looks out across the crowd, and sees that the children from the library have shown up, and are carrying signs, coloured with crayons, saying things like: "Save the trees", "Listen to the Lorax!", etc. Having the kid actors decorate them themselves would be a cute touch. When she sees this, she smiles, and gains confidence a bit. Gulps, and walks out and steps up onto the stool. Clears throught through the megaphone to get attenion.

Ann: Well, by now I guess you guys all know why you're here. Where we are now- this shady area...there are people who would take this away from us. That is essentially why we are here. I thank you people, I thank all people who care- no, I don't thank all people who care. Because a lot of people say they care- a lot of them really do, but caring isn't enough. Unless you do something about it, caring doesn't matter. Because caring really never did anything. So I thank you for not just caring, but doing something about what you care about. I really appreciate it. There were people who said they would help me, but when it came down to it, they didn't want to bother, because they didn't believe it did them enough personal good. Some people who don't appear to care about too much else can actually care about what's important. But, this isn't a personal trip here, I just want to say, thank you. You are helping to save more than you could ever hope to realize- more than I myself could ever hope to realize.

Cheers. Ann sees Francine in the audiance, pushing her way to the front. Francine hands her her shoes.

Francine: Here. I thought you might need these.

Both girls smile, and then hug. A construction worker makes his way through the crowd.

Worker: Hey now! You better listen to me! We are putting up a building here eventually, and we can't do that unless we do a bit of digging. You kids can hang out here when there's a mall up, but until then, you'd better clear off.

2nd Worker: Hold on a minute. (takes Worker off to the side). Mark, think about this: they aren't doing us a bit of harm. All they're doing is slowing down the construction process a bit. I mean; did you see a paycheck for last week when they did this?

Worker: Yeah.

2nd Worker: And wasn't it a big juicy one you didn't have to do any work to recieve?

Worker: I suppose.

2nd Worker: Then why do we need them off? Eh? Just as long as we don't join them, they're doing us a favor.

Police have pulled up however.

Police: Look kids, once again, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the premises.

Ann: Positively not! Look at all these people. ALL these people who have come out here because they don't want to see their park turned into some stinkin' mall! And supposedly a park is supposed to be public property. But did we have any say in this? No.I'd say there's some pretty corrupt people down at city hall. Anyway, does anyone want a public park to become a mall? A mall that will cause unnecassary traffic through this quiet residential part of town? A mall where we can be kicked out if we don't follow their selective rules, or if we're "loitering" because we're standing around not "buying" any of their crap? I don't think so, and look at all the people who have turned up who agree with me!

Police: I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to leave.

Ann: WHAT CAN YOU DO?!! There are two many of us to put in jail, and how can you? It's a public park. Was anyway. We've lost our park, and we are having a demonstration in response to it!

Police: Well look-


People follow her directions, all sitting down on the ground.

Police: Wha...?

Ann: We are having a peaceful protest, a demonstration to prevent the building of any mall where all this is.

Later, a news reporter has shown up, and is doing a report on it all. Pann over to Ann, sitting similiar to the earlier scene.

Reporter: Am I to understand it was you who did all this?

Ann: Wha...? No, I mean obviously, it was everyone.

Reporter: But you got them together so to speak?

Ann: Yes, and a very good friend of mine got me together. (looks up) A couple of good friends.

Reporter: How long do you plan to stay here?

Ann: Until something is done about this. Until they decide to leave the park as is.

Reporter: Now- Oh! Here's the executive responsible for this idea right now!

Executive gets out of his car. Reporters crowd around him.

Reporter: Is it true that you are deliberately preventing this park from public use?

Reporter2: Do you have any comments about-?

Executive: Now look, I was told this was privately owned property! I knew nothing about it being some kids' playground!

Ann: (reporters turn to her as she begins to speak) Actuall, it's not a playground particularly, it's also a park. One which can be enjoyed by anyone. Of any age. And it holds a lot of memories.

Reporter: So will you be continuing construction on this mall, and ruining lives, or following popular demand, and conserving the park?

Executive: Now look, I wanna do what's best for the community! The mall will not go up here!

Ann: (getting up) Is that a promise?

Executive: (flinching) Yes!

Ann: And you won't destroy any other parks in town?

Executive: (frown and pause)...No!

Cheers, and pann out as crowd all cheer and stand up. Children are now playing around in the park. Ann and Francine are walking and talking, similiar to begining of the movie.

Francine: You did it Ann. I never thought you would, but you did.

Ann: It wasn't me, it was ALL those people. I couldn't have done it without them all. And Tom ecspecially was a great help.

Francine: I guess sometimes you find help where you least excpect it, and not where you do most. Hey, are you gonna put those shoes on?

Ann throws the shoes backward into the sky. Sun shines around them as "Save The World" begins. End credits, using the commercial version of "Save the World". If the credits are not initially long enough, add pictures of destroyed habitats, nuclear disasters, war, etc.
Estimated time as of 6/11 with 4 fillers= 49:54
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