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Intro and Chapter one of my book about women's natural health.
Woman and the Pain Body


There are many medical terms used to describe what is ultimately the “pain body” in women’s health today. The menstrual cycle to pregnancy to menopause, are all now considered treatable illnesses. These are not in fact illnesses at all, but rather a natural course that a woman’s body follows.
There is a fair amount of history that can support the source of a woman’s pain body. The collective pain body did not always exist. With the writing of the Witches Hammer (Malleus Malefecarum) by Pope Gregory III in 1486, the Roman Catholic Church declared that woman was untrustworthy, caused the demise of man and most were practicing witchcraft to ensnare men and control them. It was in effect, a sin to be a woman. A woman could not even be affectionate to a dog, or she would be declared a witch and be imprisoned and beaten. Sometimes the “witch” would be burned at the stake. Not even Joan d’Arc was spared from this fate, whom was a faithful follower of the Church’s doctrine. Midwives were slaughtered, as outlined as lawful in the Witches Hammer. Male doctors took over caring for women’s health. Oddly enough, it was illegal for a male doctor to touch, examine or even see a woman patient for many centuries. Women were considered filthy, soulless, demonic creatures in this era, and thus created a sense of shame of collective womanhood.
Some may relate to this as the “Curse of Eve”. Eve, the biblical wife of Adam supposedly ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge, tricked Adam into eating it, and thereby he created the downfall of Man. From this point in the bible onward, woman is told she deserves to have pain in childbirth and other natural cycles in her life. Our bodies are not designed to punish us, but to bring forth life. This is an amazing body that we have been blessed with.

Since this time, misogyny has become ingrained in our culture. Men and women alike hate women. Women are often detached from what being a woman is. Men have no idea what’s wrong with the women around them. They often see women as cold, cruel, evil, or simply unloving. Our roles are now blurred and out of balance, within the sexes as well as in our natural life cycles. Religious and cultural mindsets have robbed us from being happy, healthy and balanced humans.

It is time for us to take back our femininity and balance the world and ourselves we live in. This is not to say that I am for Feminism. The purpose of this book is to educate women on what being a woman is. Nothing in this book is designed to be political or male bashing in any way. Placing blame only perpetuates the circle of Pain-body.

Chapter 1

The Pain Body.

Although all humans carry a pain body based on life experiences, the woman’s pain body is much more powerful. It can control everything about a woman’s life including her mental, physical and spiritual health. The pain body is an accumulation of pain, trauma, negative thought forms, and the emotional investment to these things.
With each passing generation over the last 1500 years, the Collective Pain Body for women gets worse. On the same token however, with each woman that heals her Pain Body, it becomes easier for all other women to become free of their pain bodies. This has a glorious chain reaction that also helps heal the Earth with each woman who frees herself from the pain body. The Earth is a feminine energy unto itself, and was named by ancient Greeks as Gaea, and the Mayans called her Gaia.
Gaia and womankind are being forced into a type of prison of their own making. It is built out of shame, mistrust and loss of identity. Every day we are in the process of finding new technology, information and sciences. Technology is not a bad thing unto itself, but it is a masculine energy. As our lives improve by massive amounts of information, we forget our roots. No matter how many trips to Mars we make, we are still humans. This is important to remember, because without roots tethering us to Gaia we become lost, sick or damaged.
The lack of grounding is detrimental to women’s health. Our menstrual cycles or Moon-times are based on the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon. When we no longer do simple things like walk in the grass, and more complex things like taking a birth control pill, we pull farther and father away from the feminine energy inside ourselves.

Women have a series of powerful bonding experiences throughout their lives, and this creates a Super-conscience just for these experiences. The Super-conscience exists for all beings, but with women, there is something “extra”, which in older societies was considered empowering. In pre-Christian Europe, it was believed that the only way a man could speak to God was through sexual intercourse with a woman. The social status of women has changed a great deal in the last 2,000 years.
The Woman Pain-Body also affects men, and I will discuss this in a later chapter. Men have a pain-body as well, but theirs is generated more from personal crisis and how they deal with them. A man’s body is very stable and undergoes little change after age 21, other than natural aging.
Regardless of a woman’s personal story, race, creed, color or country of origin, these familiar roles occur during her life. We are first children, and in the transition to adolescence start our Moon-times and develop breasts. As mothers many of us choose marriage, birthing and raising children. In our twilight years, there is menopause, grandchildren, aging and our eventual passing into what many call “Heaven”.
For the vast majority of us, we learn from the older women in our lives to fear these milestones. Our bodies undergo amazing transformations from birth to death. These should be honored, celebrated, and cherished by our culture. It is what makes us who we are. It is time to awaken our physical senses and embrace the wonder of womanhood.
Our bodies were divinely designed around our reproductive organs to bring forth life. The once simple acts of conception, gestation and birthing can now all be handled and “cured” with Allopathic medicine. Contrary to this modern belief, all of these occurrences are completely natural and can be achieved by any woman at any age. Women had children quite easily until they reached menopause. Our bodies are truly this dynamic. All we need to do is be aware of it.

As this chapter comes to a close, I ask you to participate in a very simple grounding exercise. If it is nice enough to do so, go outside with your bare feet. If you are unable to go outside, go to the lowest level of the building you are in. Stand in the grass or dirt, or sand if you are lucky enough to be near a beach. Wiggle your toes, and take a deep breath. Inhale deeply through your nose to the count of 7. Now release this breath through the mouth to the count of 8. Repeat this 3 times. Continue to breathe…always breathe. Notice how your feet feel touching the Earth. Feel the breath through the body, into your feet, and feel the contact your feet share with the Earth. Take notice of any sensations in your feet as you get in touch with the powerful Earth energy.
While you continue to breath deeply and easily, imagine that your feet begin to grow roots down into the Earth. Imagine them going all the way down to the core of the planet. Feel how good it feels to be a part of Earth, Nature and Feminine Energy. Relax for a few more moments, remembering to bring this core energy back with you. Embrace these new energies, and honor your journey into true womanhood. Give yourself a hug!

It may be helpful for you to start a journal during this process. You will gain an awareness of the changes in yourself, your body and in the people around you.

The journal exercise for this chapter is for you to express your thoughts and feelings around the grounding relaxation.

Name 3 things you can hear.
Name 3 things you can feel.
Take a deep breath.
Name 2 things you can see.
Name 2 things you can hear.
Name 2 things you can feel.
Take a deep breath.
Name 1 thing you can see.
Name 1 thing you can hear.
Name 1 thing you can feel.
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