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by aagni
Rated: E · Article · Action/Adventure · #1129318
Our life is a vast sea and we have to make our choices everday.
Haven't we all have wondered about our life many a time? When one is free from regular work than one tends to think about life .What is it? What rules one should follow to live it properly? After all we get only one life to live.There are many kind of theories which have been put forward but I sincearly believe in the theory of waves.
Life to me is a vast sea.We all have to spend our whole life living with it.It is our choice whether to enjoy the waves of this sea by entering into it or just sit on the shore and watch it from a safe distance. But one thing is sure that we can not avoid it.we have to live by it.Have you ever noticed people near a sea shore ?People playing with waves appear to be more happy than people sitting on the sand .What is the reason for this? The answer is very simple .People who are playing with the waves are taking risk and enjoying being in action whereas people sitting at far are though safe but far from happy because they are not doing any work.
But one must not forget some simple rules to follow while taking bath in this sea.These rules are applicable in our life too.while taking sea bath one should be careful with the nature of the waves.When the waves are smaller one should jump over them to let them pass under them.But when the waves are bigger than one should simply put their head down and wait for the waves to pass over them.If one tries to jump with bigger than one is bound to be thrown by those waves.Same thing happens if one crouches under small waves.These small waves will throw the person causing heavy injury.
The rule of life is like this only.If we want to enjoy it than we have to take chance and get into this sea every day.While going inside we should never forget that we will have to face waves of hurdles in all form.We should keep in the mind that if the hurdle is small than we must jump over.It means we should not be cowed down by small hurdles.At the same time if the hurdles or difficulty appears to be big and above our reach than we must simply put our head down so that it would pass over us and once again we can stand on our feet .If we try to jump with the bigger difficulties than we will defiiniately hurt our self.The most difficult times tests our patience and faith in almighty.
There is one more thing to remember for us and that is that these waves vary in nature that all the time we don't come across big waves or small waves.They appear alternatively .We should remember this in our life too that the hurdles we face while enjoying the sea are not uniform in size.So if there is more difficult time than it is not going to last for long and also it won't be accompoined by another big hurdle.Similarily one should not forget that If one is facing smaller hurdle than some where a big hurdle is taking its shape.
Have you ever watched a rough sea?The big enormous waves appearas to be so frightening .It is unadvisable to venture into a rough sea because of the tourmoil condition of the sea.Same rule also we can apply to our life .Many a time when we find our life going through turmoil condition than it is wise to be patience and wait for that phase to pass over .Some time it is better to be coward and sit and enjoy this vast sea from far.Once the wether becomes fine than one can easily enjoy the sea again.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1129318-Wave-Theory