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by Billi
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This was inspired by a song I like. It's the only poetry-type writing I've done.
If I was a newspaper, I'd be black and white and read all over.
I'd make people laugh, make them cry, or make them cheer.
I'd tell the good, the bad and the facts. I could cause disunity or bring people together.
I could inform people, twist the facts or change the course of things.
I could give people a break from the monotone of everyday life, make them smile, change their moods altogether, either for the better or worse.
I could shape people's opinions of others with just words.
I could bring people down or raise them high.
If I was, if I was, but I'll never be.

         If I was the sun, I could give light or throw the world into darkness.
I can change people's skin tones and make them feel prettier.
I could keep people from coming outside or coax them into the world.
I'd cause people pain or hurt their eyes.
I could heat the earth up or cool it off drastically.
I could create rainbows, visions of beauty, or let the gray clouds take over, causing gloomy feelings.
I could melt the snow and evaporate the puddles the melted snow creates.
I can make people sensitive to the touch or more tolerant of burns.
If I was, if I was, but I'll never be.
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