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written about a partnership with my new horse and the loss of another

I knelt in the dust and her mane hung over me like a flaxen curtain. The moon shone through it and laid a shadowed pattern across my feet. I missed him suddenly with a deep searing remembrance. He was not just a horse. He was part of me. Maybe the best part of me.

The loss was not new but tonight it felt raw and open and tears fell as my soul bled for him again. My spirit felt wounded and empty. I picked up a chunk of sandy earth and clenched it in my fist till it crumbled in my hand. Tango touched me softly with her muzzle and I smelled the sweet breath of grass and meadow and sunshine.

My tears still fell in a healing sort of rain and I could not stop them. They felt good and right and cleansing. I ached for the beauty of our shared youth. Those dreams now laid to rest where the sunrise meets the crest of the east pasture.

She stood with me until I was done with sorrow. Still and quiet we bathed together in peace and pale moonlight. I laid my hand on her broad forehead. Her eyes held mine and in that still soulful depth I drowned anew. He is gone but we are just beginning.
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