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A pain I went through at age 8 to 15, please read and review!
~ Daddy Dont~

She hears him coming down the hall,
and tries so hard to hide.
Pulls the covers over her head,
but soon hes at her side.

It doesn't matter if she cries,
he doesnt seem to care.
He whispers while hes touching her,.
"dont tell , Ill kill you ,I swear!"

He hurt her many in many places,
he forces her to "love"
opens her to the world ,
as she prays to God above.

She smells the liquor on his breath,
as she tries to fight,
He covers her mouth with his hand,
and holds her down throughout the night.

Daddy please dont hurt me,
is all that she can say,
over and over she repeats it,
until the light of day.

Everynight before bedtime,
She prayed that he wont,
But 100 times during that night ,
She'll cry, Daddy dont!
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