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by Rajesh
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Excerpt from my novel of 4 siblings' childhood & the coming of age of one of them
The foursome walked along the mudroad leading from the river to the paved road which led towards home. The paddy fields, on both sides of the road, a lively green in colour swayed in time to the wind tune. The omnipresent coconut trees all around gave a spectacular scenic beauty to the setting that was totally lost on the children. They never noticed the God-like beauty spread around them. They had never seen anything yet to compare their surroundings with. It was everyday life; it was home.

Satyan, his thick-glassed spectacles constantly in danger of falling from the perch on his nose walked with confidence. He stopped whenever something caught his fancy; a dragonfly, a squirrel. He never asked the others to stop or wait for him but they invariably did. The other children had never ever seen him ask permission to do something he wanted to do. His brain hadn’t been programmed to think that there might even be a need for something like that.. Satyan was not good-looking. He was dark, thin and wore ghastly, thick glasses but the confidence that pervaded every part of Satyan’s personality was inborn. At home and in school he had a following that was unexplainable. His classmates in school followed him blindly. He had an aura about him, a fearlessness, a halo that made him a leader without comparison.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1132108-1st-excerpt-from-a-novel-I-am-writing