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Ahhh...the pleasures of a shower...
Feeling the warm sun on my face, I slowly open my eyes and squint against the glare. “Mmmmmmm” I moan and stretch across the bed, my left hand searching for the other warm body that is supposed to be lying beside me. “Awwwww” I pout, realizing that you’ve already gotten up. I grab your pillow and hold it against my face, breathing in your scent. My heart begins to beat just a little faster and a familiar tingling occurs, starting at my breasts and working its way down. That’s when I hear it… the shower. “Hmmmmm, the shower” I say with a sly smile on my face.

I turn the knob and smile. I love the fact that you never lock the bathroom door, so trusting you are. The bathroom is already steamy and you are humming some cute little tune that you probably just made up in your cute little head. I can see your silhouette through the shower door, you are working the knobs and making sure the temperature is just right. I could stand here and watch you all day, but that wouldn’t be productive now would it? Closing the door behind me, I make my way across the room shedding one piece of clothing at a time.

I quietly open the shower door, you obviously don’t hear me, because you reach for the shampoo instead of turning around. I close the door as quietly as I had opened it. Your body is glistening and I can even see the steam rising from your shoulders. The sweet smell of the cherry blossom soap reaches my nostrils as I press my body against your back. You jump as I wrap my arms around your waist. Taking the shampoo bottle from your hand, I kiss the back of your neck.

“I’ll get this” I whisper in your ear.

I massage the shampoo into your thick hair and you moan like that girl in those Herbal Essence commercials. After I wash your hair, I grab the soap. I lather your body from head to toe. Starting with your neck, then my hands travel down to your sexy shoulders and then on to your breasts. I stay there a little longer than I have to. I enjoy feeling your nipples harden in my fingertips. You moan again and that turns me on. I make my way down your tummy to the curve of your hips. Reaching around, I grab your ass, massaging it slowly, methodically. I then move to your ankles, skipping the part in between…for now. I wash each calf and work my way up, rubbing and stroking your shapely thighs.

The water is warm and the soap smells delicious on your skin. I bring one hand around your waist while I kiss your lips. Your tongue feels even hotter than the water. Reaching down with the other hand I make my way down to my intended target. It doesn’t take long for my finger to find your throbbing clit. Now it’s my turn to moan. You start to kiss me passionately and that in turn makes me want to please you even more. I continue to rub your clit until I think you can no longer take it. And then…I stop.

“Nooooo” you moan

“Shhhhh” I say pressing my lips against yours. “Don’t worry, I’m not done yet”.

Gently guiding you over to the shower bench, I sit you down. Kissing your lips first and then sliding my tongue along your neck and collar bone. A fair amoutn of time is spent on each breast as I tease your nipples…gently nipping, biting and sucking. I slide my tongue down to your belly button. I kiss and lick the crevice between your thighs and your pussy. I like to tease you and you like it too. Finally, my tongue finds your clit and you jump with anticipation. While my tongue continues to pleasure your most intimate part, I gently stick one finger into your welcoming warmth and then two. This makes you squirm and you entwine your fingers in my hair. It’s as if your telling me that your ready.

It doesn’t take long before I feel your legs tighten and quiver as you reach your peak. I am a little disappointed that it happened so soon, but one look at your face tells me you are very pleased, so that makes me feel good.

Besides, I’m lucky that you like to shower twice a day!

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