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Truth despite pain. Its more a style of thought than phrased as a traditional poem.
He told me he would love me and he would stand by me forever.
He would be there even in my darkest hours and no matter what I'd done.
He gave promises and cried a river of tears.
Daily he whispered in my ear, I love you.
Every day he prayed that I would listen, that I would hear.
But again and again I left him, seeking other pleasures.
I cursed him and ignored him, but still he was there.
I railed at him, WHY ME? I am nothing.
I am dirty and ragged, unworthy.
Leave me alone! Let me die!
My heart is used, my soul is bruised!
I have nothing! I am nothing, just an empty shell!
But I should have known, He had told me.
Never giving up, he proved his love, he gave his life for me.
He took my shame, he took my pain, he took it all.
He took my guilt, and all my fears upon himself.
He gave me joy. He gave me peace.
He gave me strength and he gave me grace.
Forgiveness was his final gift. He gave it in his blood.
He hung there on the cross in such pain and torment.
Each wound said louder than words, I love you.
He told me he would love me, and though I know not why,
I know he will always love me, he'll always be at my side.
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