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by Adnan
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The Invisible Man finally reveals himself...
Quiet, all of you! I am hiding as the entire town is after me! Just because I am invisible! I am afraid that this may be my last day and I shall soon find peace. Greetings to those who respect me! My name is Griffin, and I am a young scientist eager to unlock science’s secrets. Recently, I discovered the key to invisibility. I performed an experiment that took a long time to complete and I drank the formula which caused me to become invisible. The proof? Just look at my arms! However, I am known as the Invisible Man to my adversaries. Unfortunately, I can not return to my original form, and I will be forever condemned to invisibility. I am now a constant fear and threat as I am being continuously pursued by the police and detectives. This caused me to become a murderer so I could escape. Now, even my own friends have turned against me. It is not my fault that I am considered a madman. It is the only way to protect myself. I will avenge myself and teach all those who insulted me a lesson they will never forget! Farewell to those who respect me or face the wrath of the Invisible Man!
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