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It's just for a contest I am entering, and it is completely fictional.
The Mazar culture was one of simplicity and of appreciation towards nature. They were an amazing civilization that was unfortunately wiped out by the Aztec presence. However, they lived in peace and harmony with the land around for many undisturbed years.
They believed that all things in nature came from the female God Neeva simply because only a women could give birth and therefore a women must have given birth to the world and everything in it. Because of this, women had a power over men, as men have power over women in our society. Women wore their hair short and were always adorned with magnificent jewelry and brightly colored robes.
Men were also treated fairly and had almost an equal place next to the women of a tribe. The men however were not decorated with there clothing and instead only covered themselves with a light layer of clay. The men often were in charge of maintaining the household and hunting. Women were left with the task of raising the children and managing the affairs of the village.
In the Mazar society, no one ever spoke because they believed that speaking was disruptive to the natural world. There only for of communication was a complex writing system, involving over three hundred characters, and their body language which was exceptionally adequate. There eyes were their most effective tool and gave knew meaning to saying it best when you say nothing at all.
Because of their diet of fruits, vegetables, and small game, the Mazar people had an exceptionally long live span. The average man lived to be eighty-five, while women lived to be around ninety-three. The hardest part of their lives was the first three years after birth. Their population remained fairly low because of a large number of stillbirths.
Predators were not much of a problem for the Mazar because their houses were built on top of large platforms that were suspended from the surrounding trees by large ropes. The engineering skills were fairly amazing for their level of technological advance. The average community consisted of around forty families and thirty housing units. Often times, separate families would live together that had been joined by a marriage. Any orphans or widows were also taken in to another home to live. There was also usually a community platform that had no covering and was used for meetings of the tribe.
There was not a lot of free time in a Mazar village; however, they often played mind games when there was a shortage of work. They would create puzzles for one another and challenge each other with riddles.
The loss of this culture was a complete tragedy to the human race. They were a peaceful group that appreciated Mother Nature and recognized the wonders of the female body. Their incredible designing ability, and true love for a challenge made them a truly fascinating race.
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