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Water Falls

A bursting array of green
flickering reflections of
under leaf delights
beneath the illuminating falls

The diamond mist
blanketing new life
of the enduring side granite
protecting timeless change

Mortals dwelling shallow
from the depths
as sunlight engulfs their beauty with
colorful radiance and coveted warmth

Rooted elders with braided stoic feet
engulfing the tranquil disbursement of waves
channeling majestic resolve
budding new growth


9AM in New York

we wake up listening to alarms
ringing in ticker tape expired shade
while seeing the anguished stream of
momentous soot filled pyro-glyphic halls
blowing angelic flakes onto charred legacy

our eyes larger than apples
fluttering, tearing, screaming horror while
trampled stiff our opportunistic ways
realizing simple reflections of futility
meeting rooms once comprised
of great success now crypts life

this stairway led us near
the gates where bodies bound
shining the freedom for which we stand
the mighty heroes we all aspire being
fathers, mothers, children, cousins, friends, strangers
all died for our future so we the lucky live


I love her smile.

Lips flicker with fire awhile
Wonder how to influence
Fissures of sweet soft remembrance
A second glance may do the trick
Tickle her fancy and light the wick
Make a stand sound cool and hot
Without coming off stale and caught
Glisten those pretty white teeth please
Bring satisfaction down to its knees
The perfect red glow of lip and cheek
I must come off as one strange freak
But it’s ok as I stand rank and file
Waiting for her most perfect smile


My Thousand Dreams

I’ve finally shunned the work
Done with the final poking jerk
Next time I’ll fly home at four
Take a couple breaks or more

Who needs this anguish anyway
Time to go fish and out to play
Might see a speedy demotion
But wouldn’t feel future commotion


Why stop there
Could sell my house and keep my hair
Work whenever and be a job bore
Better that than the downtrodden whore

Welcome back to what I see
Too much debt is the reality
Couldn’t live on primal means
I'd miss all my wonderful imaginings


Yessiree boss, no problem at all
Put my back against the wall
Seal my lowly clerical fate
Working on projects way too late

Being the best isn’t as simple as it seems
Stomaching this is worth my thousand dreams


Cent in the I of destruction.

Troubles flare in the breezy leaves and distressed bark
Fellows flock to quarters rocked oblivious to the dark
Seashores wave red in grave remarks scattered and free
Single sensation spent desolation pouring in from sea

This fire breathing unplanned assault retching the senses
Cringes every eye peering at graphic abuse in the trenches
How is this allowed to prevail unrestricted and without contest
Asking only obligatory queries as if indeed we had conscience

Alarms rage as hair awakens with realizations of the nations
Reaction without traction forces aggressions with vibrations
Final pictures of destiny drape feeble shafts of final starvation
Brittle white calcium glows with foul disintegrating illumination

Who were the defendants
What finds the relevance
Where is the innocence
When war kills it's ignorance
Why did this start from belligerence
How much worth were the extra cents
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1134664