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The prayer of a Native American
A Dreamcatcher sig gifted to me. Made for me by Kiya

Spirits hear me, answer my prayer
I don't ask for much, just unity shared
Grant me wisdom and make my heart soar again
Hear the prayer of this Indian

Let me soar like an eagle high above the clouds,
Where hatred and prejudice aren't allowed
Bless me with friends that will always be there
I beseech you, Great Spirit, hear my prayer

Torn and confused am I while trudging along,
Searching for answers of what went wrong
Spirits hear me now and let me feel faith again,
Are the earnest pleas of this Indian

An Indian's prayer is repeated again,
As he yearns for complete freedom and what might have been,
If his nation had not been weakened by the demands of others,
And where peace was attained, and everyone lived as brothers...
This is an Indian's prayer

An Indian sig made by Kiya. A Dreamcatcher sig gifted to me.

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