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There is that ongoing debate...
I don't know about you but I am not nearly old enough to have witnessed the creation of Earth. And for right now I'm going to go on the assumption that you were not there either. People claim the Bible is inaccurate. But there are more historical documents, dating back to when the first Biblical documents were written, that prove the bible is accurate. As a budding scientist I can tell you that there are huge gaps in scientific theory. It's really quite frustrating. In a field where everything is supposed to be proven I cannot tell you how many times a professor has said, " We assume this is true". So we have this pesky question of evolution. I've not met anyone who has problems with microevolution, its macroevolution that causes the whole fuss. Macroevolution is one of those theories that "we assume is true". In other words you just have to trust, or have faith in the theorists. And what's this with putting limitations on God? The God of the Bible is not limited by any man. Any seeming deficits in God's power are by his own choice. I personally don't want to sit here and pass judgment on God. If the King of Kings decides to let the natural order, aka His own design just work to make the world I say ok. If the Lord of Lords decides to blink and create the Earth in six days I'm not one to argue. So where does the argument come in? This whole dispute is fueled by those who wish to limit God and those who deny God. I'm not ready to do either. Are you?
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