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love is not a basis of society, it is a matter of the heart
the characters
shenay-18, freshman at morris brown, crazy, sexy, kool, african american
sarah-18, freshman at morris brown, shy and quiet, mixed with indian
sam- 19, sophomore kinda shy, great rapper, dark skin
mrs king- in charge of 'impressions',
michelle- 18, freshman at morris brown, optomistic, born leader
anthony-19 sophomore at morris... playa, smart, talented, lightskin, hazel eyes
david- 21, sarah's older brother, senior at morris brown, lightskin
goldyn-18, freshman at morris brown, speaks her mind
keith- 19, sophomore at morris brown, playa of his own kind
jeremy-shenay's boyfriend, arched enemy of michelle
b.j.- goldyn's boyfriend, workaholic, but we find out why

Scene 1
(Morris Brown College 8:40 a.m. september)
<sarah gets out of her car along with her friend

Sarah: u know somethin', this college thing...is workin my last nerve
Nay: girl, i know, all this work, all these papers to write....
Michelle: aww come on, deal with it, its suppose to be hard, y'all been in school for a month now, its not gonna get any easier
Goldyn: for real, but i mean its suppose to be the best time of our lives
sarah: well right now, all it is is bull sh----
(Just then, Anthony drives up attracting way more attention to himself then he needs to, with loud music, but he can do that though cause he's the campus playa, or as black people would say, the campus 'hoe'. He parks up in a reserved parking space)
Goldyn: speaking of sh----
<Anthony gets out the car, several girls run up to him>
Girl 1: hey Anthony
Ant: wuts up girl
<turns to another girl>
Ant: hey u looking good today
<girl blushes, why is beyond me, he just has that impression on females i guess>
<another female whispers somethin in his ear>
Ant: (smiles) dats kool, im wit that...but yo i'm out, ima see y'all ladies later
all: bye Anthony
Girl 3: don't forget what i said
Ant: (waves his hand without looking back) right...wu'd she say?

<back to the girls>
Mich: can you believe that boy? he must think he all that
Nay: shoot, he probably is wit all them girls he got on him
Goldyn: why girls so stupid sometimes? they on that boy like white girls on NBA players, i mean hello...he playin u

<Anthony walks toward the school. More girls walk up to him and say hey, and guys too. He's just Mr popular, he partly has genetics to thank for it, with his lightskin, hazel eyes and tight braids. >
Girl 4: hey Anthony
Ant: wuts up uh, Shanice?
Girl 4: no it's Katrina
Ant: oh..my bad baby
<he keeps on walkin, another girl passes by>
Ant: sweet as kandey, wuts up?
Kandey: (smiles) hey sexy
Ant: (smiles back) hey
<keeps on walking, girl walks up to him)
Girl 5: sup Ant, hmm..come over heah and give me some love, with ur fine self
(gives her a tight hug)
Ant: wuts up boo, wut u been up to?
Girl 5: chillin, waitin on u (touches his face and chest) you know i got mad love for you
Ant: ( shrugs) i know
Girl 5: so when we gon go out?
Ant: go out where?
Girl 5: you know, hook up
Ant: oh yea (scratches his head) Look i really aint got time for that right now. im tryna get my school work togetha and everything so...
Girl 5: Anthony, im tired of this
Ant: yea look, i gotta babe, ima holla at u lata aight
Girl 5: <sighs> aight
<He walks away, Just then , his homeboys walk up>
Keith: <lookin back> danm she fine..wuts up man?
Ant: nothin..chillin'
Sam: aint that Kelly u was talkin to?
Ant: i dont know dat girl name
Keith: she fine as hell though
Ant: <shrugs> she aight
Keith: so wut went on dis weekend man?
Ant: nothin
Keith: wut u mean nothin', wut happened to shaniqwa?
Ant: Shaniqwa who?
Keith: danm, its lyk dat now?
Ant: it's lyk dat
Keith: so hold up, u mean to tell me u aint tap that?
Ant: no, man she was talkin bout some oh she want a real relationship wit me or some shit, she trippin
Sam:so y'all broke up?
Ant: we wasnt togetha anyway
Keith: yo, back to the subject..u aint get, no booty?
Ant: i wasnt tryna hit dat anyway cuz then she was finna think i was serious about her. wut is it wit these girls these days man? why they always want commitment?
Sam: that's how women are
Keith: and how would u know?
Sam: cause i know women
Keith: wut , u gay or somethin?
<keith and anthony laugh>
Sam: no, im a G, i know wut i know
Keith: for real though man, u gon hit dat or not cause if u not i will
Ant: nigga is that all u care about?
Keith: strictly booty shawty, dats my system
Ant: that system gon get u in trouble, but uh me and her ova wit
Keith: aight
<Nay walks by>
Keith: Danm! y'all exuse me, i'll be back
<runs up to Nay>
Keith: wuts up baby?
Nay: hey Keithen
Keith: u know my name?
Nay:<rolls her eyes> nah i saw u on fox 5 last night
Keith: well can i get yours?
Nay: negative
Keith: wut? that's your name?
Nay: <stops walking> no that's not my name but i tell u what? why dont u leave me alone so i can save u the embarrassement of makin a danm fool out yourself
Keith: oh i see, u a feisty one huh? playin hard to get?
Nay: i aint playin with u boy
Keith: well can i get ur number?
Nay:<fake smile> sure, its 770-kiss my ass
Keith: oh you got jokes, i see, i see (tries to touch her) i--
Nay: look lil boy, i dont want u aight, so no u cant have my name, and no, i aint givin u mu danm number, and if u think for one minute ur stupid ass gon get into my pants i got 2 words for u: hell no
(she walks away)
Keith: aight, i'll call u, or u can call me
(turns to his friends)
keith: she want me
<they laugh>
Sam : u stupid man
Keith: hey dont hate the playa...hate the game
Ant: what game?
<more laughs>
End of scene

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