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Life is viewed as a reality play with props made of seen & unseen materials.
I was a professional and my friends, peers, acquaintances, and other associates did not really know me. They did not know me, really. I was only a portion of who they thought I was. I was a professional who seemed to have it “all together.” I looked prosperous; at least that is what I was told. I had learned proper etiquette and knew basically how to act, how to respond and how not to react. I knew how to keep my problems to myself and not air dirty laundry. I knew when to smile and when to cry, when to be sad, or to be whomever and whatever I needed to be for the circumstance and/or situation at hand. But I could not fake happiness. I was not familiar enough with the character happiness. What would be exposed from behind this curtain that was about to open up to life?
What is life, and how must we know when we have it? Is life the mere autonomic function of breathing? Is life a state of being that holds the capacity for metabolism, growth, action and reaction, and reproduction? Is it a sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of a human being? Is it the period from birth to death that encompasses a series of human activities? If so, then as I live and breathe, grow, act and react, and reproduce, what will be the central theme in my life to help me obtain and maintain balance? I do not wish to fall down in the middle of the stage and succumb, or be brought to an end by destructive forces of human activities, actions and reactions. How will I succeed instead? How will I reach a favorable outcome, such as to know that I do have favor with God, mankind, and with myself?
It would appear that the furnishings for the stage would of necessity be compiled of both righteousness and unrighteousness lest I found myself trying to be one way or the other, that is, righteous or unrighteous. I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus, but I do not always appear to be so. This combination of furnishings, righteousness and unrighteousness, has existed since the time of Adam and Eve who were, as are all human beings, born with a sense of right and wrong. When sin entered into their thoughts and deeds they did not have to be told that they were naked. They knew they were naked. They had an internal spiritual sense of right and wrong.
The Stage of Life furnishings are articles of decor and accessories that make up the interior of the building, that is, the body. The building has been made of flesh including the heart. The fleshy heart, or mind, has a tendency to change from time to time. This heart of flesh, or mind, generally changes at will in order to cope with whatever situation, or circumstance that may presently present the challenges of life. The changes brought on by challenges may bring about different characters for the stage so that I might be who you want me to be since I am not confident in knowing who I am. I might even allow you to abuse me so that I may please you. You might be my parent, my mate, my boss, my friend, or my coworker.
Let us give names to the furnishings and articles of dress for the Stage of Life in order to enlighten the captives of darkness. One of the most difficult things in life for me has been to be able to “name what bothers me.” Once named, I could begin to deal with it and overcome. Darkness is the lack of understanding; to be devoid or partially without light as in not receiving, not reflecting, not transmitting, not radiating light. Sinners are not the only ones with a darkness problem. Sometimes the way of the born again, Holy Spirit-filled believer, gets dark from lack of the word of God, and lack of praying without ceasing, so then it may be difficult to understand which decision(s) must be made in a given situation. Therefore, light cannot get in or out because of the furnishings blocking the way. The following furnishings were worn within the bodies of seven characters as they entered onto the Stage of Life:

Characters Furnishings

#1 Rebellion
#2 Pride
#3 Rejection
#4 Depression
#5 Entanglement
#6 Rage
#7 Redemption

In order to understand these characters, we must first observe and understand, at least, some of the characteristics of life as best we can. Human beings are living organisms and the body has both superior and subordinate parts. For purposes of information shared here, life will be observed as a living organism, namely the human being. An organism is a complex structure of interdependent and subordinate elements whose relations and properties are largely determined by their function in the whole. For example, an individual carries on activities of life by means of organs that are separate in function, such as the heart, liver, lungs, and spleen, but they are dependent upon each other for life.
Organicism is the explanation of life and living processes in terms of levels of organization of living systems rather than in terms of the properties of their smallest parts like the heart and liver. For example, organicism or organics look at how individuals would come together to accomplish a mission, and what processes or methods would be used. Both of the definitions, organism and organicism, remind us that life is not about us individually, but life is about the whole human race. Therefore, should the enemy of darkness be able to keep me bound for years by lies and deception and looking inward to self with its hurts, pains, and other woes for an extended period of time, I will have little or nothing to contribute to the whole until I am free. The whole includes my family, my children, and it branches out from there. That does not mean that all problems at home will be resolved and things will be perfect before a contribution can and should be made to those more distant than family. Perfection will not come in this lifetime.
In the process of looking at the Stage of Life and its characters, we will continue to look at the organism, human being, and organicism to further understand and be able to cope with life. Life is also a quality that makes the difference between a vital and functional human being and a dead body or a dead spirit.

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