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Bella comes back to her home to find it to be a rubbel...
Placing the letter down on the tabel, a tear slides down my cheek to spalsh on the very paper that will be the last I will ever hear from my sister. My breathing was ragged as my eyes look up at a woman with watery eyes. "And I thought her life was perfect..." I thought to myself over and over again, quietly. She had the man... the house... the family.... and all that still caused her to have a life of hell.

Shaking my head, sadly my body covers up in a black fog to disapear in front of the one house I once called home. The house that I grew up in but moved out cause my parents favored my sister more. Always her... never me.

Once my eyes set down to cast my gaze at the house, or what used to be and what is left of it I gave off a short gasp. The place was destroyed... Sighing, I close my eyes to picture what it used to be when I was little.

The grass on both sides that was not touched by cenment or walking stones was a dark rich green... also it was so soft that you can just sleep on it. The only way it kept you awake is because of the bugs.... other then that it would of been fine to sleep on. The sidewalk was perfect with no cracks and was smooth as well with a bright shade of gray. The walking stones were in shapes of roses that were red for the pedels and black for the stem and leaves. I had picked those out when I was little... since I had a soft side for roses...

The house its self was two stories high with a flat dark brown roof of oak wood. The windows were huge for the bedrooms, other then that the other windows were small but each window had a black laced curtain with red flames imprinted on them with a soft velvet like fabric. The white bricks where always clean and looked freshly painted.

Mainly the house its self yelled out that there was a royal family living in there besides having the servents and family members coming and going out and in the house or leaving to go back home or go shopping. This very house, was a jewel like no other and now it is gone....

Sighing, I opens her eyes to unwillingly see what has come of the great house that was once her home. There was no more roof on the house, which would explain all the debrey on the grass. The windows were smashed; where only the sides had glass on it still but to a sharp point sticking out. The painting was cheaping off in random places and the front door was still intact but close with the glass part of the door was smashed though other then that... it was the only thing still left untouched.

A sob was making its way out but I couldn't let myself cry right now. Right now I have a misson to do.... to get my little niece. I collected my composure and started to walk towards the front door.
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