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Outhouse Digest; Terror Strikes the Camp By Zedikiah ( As Ace cannot write because he currently is in a serious state of Bellydancia from fighting to obtain this information)

ATTENTION all campers, clergy and dads..................reporters of this magazine have recently gathered stunning news concerning McCarthy’s current contrivements. Early last morning, reporter Ace Sirenger found a tent containing information that confirmed his latest suspicions. “I’m sorry to have to say this, but campers must know about these forthcoming threats,”said Ace “McCarthy has recruited assistant hit-men! There names are Vincent Blain, Glen Macik and Matt Baltz” These men are reported to be extremely dangerous(if you detest nightly pastimes)because of their apprenticeships to McCarthy himself. Campers, be alert! It is almost certain that these McCarthian Acolytes are skilled in the arts of belllydancing! Also BEWARE, these fugitives are disguised as campers and will probably have the same desperate/freedom of the night motives as McCarthy.(is freedom of the night ok?)(See previous article) Any person(s) withholding info concerning the whereabouts of or suspected of aiding these absconders will be blessed straightaway and thrown into a confessional with the Reverend Father Pipta. (For additional punishments and tortures for misbehaving campers see Liam Clause.) Unless freedom of the night becomes an accepted practice or the authorities catch up with these criminals, it is expected that “Alive in Christ Byzantine Boot Camp” will be closing and replaced with an “Alive in Christ Roman Sneaker Camp”. This appalling catastrophe is due to the large amount of Byzantines becoming infected with Bellydancia. And as I said before McCarthy and his followers are the ones responsible for these horrendous transfigurations. They must be caught! So please, if you have any information concerning this information, please contact a team leader or priest a.s.a.p. before the entire eparchy Westernizes into a diocese!

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