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by Guilly
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This is the beggining of a story that i've wanted to write but havent...
The house was an early 1900’s designed Spanish two story. The house wasn’t too extravagant and yet it couldn’t be called modest. The house was a trap. Ashley knew as soon as he saw it that something was wrong. Jacob was inclined to disagree.
“Come on dude, lets just get it over with, when we walk out this bitch we’ll be fucking rich!” Jacob said squinting out the drivers side window of a black Honda prelude.
“I dunno, this place isn’t sendin me too cool of a vibe bro” Ashley said, looking up at the tranquil house. The twin brothers sat outside of the house surveying it, one eager to go in, the other wary for some uncertain reason. Getting out of the car, Jacob went around to the trunk and removed a briefcase and started towards the door.
Looking back Jacob said “That’s why the parents gave you a bitches name, bitch.”
Ashley opened the passengers side door and stood looking over the car at his twin brother.
“Fuck Jake, wait up!” Ashley said, reaching down under the passengers seat and removing a 9mm pistol. Tucking it safely into his belt and throwing his jacket on to conceal it, he joined his brother on the doorstep.
“Fuck you Jake”
“Yeah fuck you too bro”
The door opened and a shaved gorilla wearing a suit fit for wall street answered, and lead them through the sparsely decorated house, to a doorway that lead down into what could only be a basement. Looking down into the basement, the twins couldn’t make out, for certain, any discernable shapes. It’s smelled faintly of vinegar and Jacob couldn’t help but say “Uhh, we have to go down there?” with a sneer. The man escorting them didnt answer but looked down into the dark basement. Ashley took the first tentative step into the darkness followed closely by Jacob and the gorilla. At the bottom of the staircase a door stood half ajar, illuminating only the floor immidietly in front of it. At the door Ashley paused, having the same bad feeling as in the car. A shove from the gorilla sent Jacob and Ashley both through the door and into a short table. Jacob spun around and, eye to eye with the huge man, said, " Try that shit while im looking at you mother fucker" and took a step closer. From the other side of the table a man who seemed amused spoke.
"Calm down son, he's just not a delicate person. He gets the job done well enough though."ds
"I guess that makes you Heinrich? i know i wasnt talking to that brick on the phone" Jacob said as he turned to face the men at the table.
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