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Life defining reflections of generational importance.
One slave,crudely fashioned for the business world
prerequisite for employment
Need to survive
One more day
Yet alone
One more day
Special training will be provided
No need to apply
Your employment has just been guaranteed

Your rules of employment
evident in the fact that you exist
oftentimes without the need for intellect
Personality excluded
You now have the right to reproduce
every family member is entitled
to similar benefits
After several breaths have occurred
In effect signing their contract

After some time in our union of workers
you may gain a name
Your family will be established in society
Simply due to its affect on societies construction
Let the nameless earn their own way
Some blood stains do not wash away
but require special treatment before they
dissolve into organic structures
barely recognizable as what they ever

It is not the responsibility of management
to heal broken bodies or parts thereof
nor broken spirits therein
Be it known at the onset of employment
that your wages are negotiable tender
totally valued by your employer
according to daily market values he establishes
As produced by expected market fluctuations

In the event you may be released
from your present contractual obligations
it is agreed that 40 acres and a mule
shall be your precondition to retirement
It is your employer's desire that you
be brought up in the fullness of your experience
and acceptable as a full citizen
Your descendants will be privy to these same
Earned benefits

Be it fully understood that one man or woman's labor
is equal under God's eyes
Your employer welcomes you and your offspring into
As we know it
As you soon will know it
Liberated and free to grow
Educate your young
Know the fullness of life within it's safe confines
Breathe deep
Know you are on hallowed grounds
A privilege you may fully understand
One day,yet to come

Once an employee is fully informed
to that degree to which he is entitled
It remains the former employees
As a fully capable member of society
To indoctrinate and elucidate
possible future......."naturalized"
Of all published and unpublished
Rules of operation
As they may pertain to newly applicable rules
which may revise previously stated rules
Referred to from this point on as "Enterprise Structures"

It is further stated as a matter of
That all incidents related to company operation
Now referred to as
"Casualties and Acts producing Casualties"
shall be the "Soul" responsibility
Of the employee
and all the heirs of the employees
Ad Infinitum or
Till Hell boils over

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