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by natas
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the morning after
i wake up in the morning soaked with sweat. i look at my lover spread out on the bed. she's blood covered and torn apart. the result of another lonely night at home.
why does this happen to me? i try to be a good man and i end up sopping up blood with my curtains. blood on my walls, blood on my balls, blood on my hands. it stains my mind and leaves me feeling all alone.
cruising the streets looking for someone to eat. the juice of a woman in heat can't be beat. i drive night and day looking for the one to devour.
bloody curtains in the morning starts my day off with a twist. stained hands burns my brain the feeling of regret sets in my throat a lump i can't swallow.
am i a man? am i a monster? am i your man?
the anger boils in me when i try to wash it off. tears running down my face, i tell myself no more of this.
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