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by natas
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a rant about the state of the world
my belts too tight and it squeezes my guts making me feel uptight. i look out my window and see the injustice of my generation. what will become of these people? isn't it sad to see mankind become bottom feeders? cockroaches seem to have a better sense of themselves. my children are fed trash through a tube everytime they wake in the morning. society tells them to belong to an individual suicide of their own selves. my brain aches in tension built up from a day of media masturbation. i'm not pretty enough, skinny enough, shallow enough, rich enough. it makes me sick to look outside and see the end of the world walk down the sidewalk. our government tells us it's a man in the desert but look around at the homeless veterans and the starving children in our cities and ask them who's killing them. don't you think they pray everyday? and where's their salvation? has god forgotten them because they don't help fill the donation plate?
i don't understand why everyone has to be cool. let their pants sag to their knees. let their bodies hang out to where the imagination isn't needed to get a thrill, to have a radio so loud in their car that your rearview mirror vibrates, to be so fake that they don't even know themselves. since when is being illeterate and ignorant a coolness measuring stick. no poindexter ever got the prom queen but it is sad when the educational system makes excuses for childrens shortcomings.
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