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Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #1140284
How My brother became terriffied to play Video games
To Seb

Seb likes to play games every day
Sometimes he goes with out sleep

Glazed eyes and drooling are often the case,
And so he looks like a creep

HIs parents try hard to get him to stop,
But Seb just continues to stare

HIs clothes are a mess; theres zits on his face
But Seb does not even care

Finally one night in the full of the moon
Something changed Seb forever

As usual, Seb was at the controls
Completing a difficult endeavor

Then, popping out of the screen was a horrible sight
Seb's nemeses Bowser appeared!

Although Bowser was small and not quite 3D
He was something Seb feared

Seb ran for his life as fast as he could
With Bowser roaring behind him

It's nine inch claws and razor sharp teeth
Were not funny, but grim

Slowly, but surely the monster advanced
Seb cowered in fear and fright

All hope seemed lost, gone, forsaken
It was a terrible plight

But all was not lost because brave Seb
Had remembered a magical cheat

It was a code, a spell, a trick of old
That would ensure Bowser's defeat

In defiance Seb uttered the terrible cry!
Vengence shined from his face!

And lo and behold the evil Bowser
Vanished without a trace!

From that day on and to the end of his days
Seb was a changed nerd

He gave up his gaming, washed his face
And gave his parents his word

The End
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