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thoughts of independent women who require men for breeding only (less than 200 words)
These women are not independent but terrified, and that fear is what drives them to create a false independence. They fear love and their inability to provide and/or receive it. To say you don’t even want a man for sexual pleasure is ludicrous and unnatural. These women are “or” women believing in extremes, they lack the genius of the concept “and”. Independent women are actually basking in contentment, and creating a void in their own lives. Essentially the idea of a man woman combination is not need (in terms reproduction) but want (not for commitment), for understanding and a counterpart in life, a link. They fear the men they select don’t share the same understanding and prerequisites of commitment. They are cowards and love is a game for the bravest of brave.The independent woman is the most vulnerable and it’s obvious that they aspire to be normal but being “smart” they have formulated an extreme risk management approach. No real commitment (risk) hence no real possibility for loss quite ingenious but does it work. In my opinion a real woman reaps real rewards because of large risks. I believe an independent woman just needs to walk boldly and bravely into the realm of love, shield down and arms open.

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