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Ever heard of resurrection without a resurrector that's alive? This is not finished.
It had to be the strangest sight of my life. It had to be the weirdest thing I had ever seen in my meager nineteen year existence. I was not the only one to experience it, but I was the only one to have experienced it up close.

Thomas Howell had died in the year 2001, and everyone in the county had seen it happen. Everyone in the county had also, ten years later, seen him come back to life. He looked almost completely different, but he still sounded quite the same. His vocals had not changed too much when he spoke.

“It is now time for me to reign upon this town like I never have,” he was saying. “I first, however, have to resurrect a couple of my long-time friends.”

I gasped at these words, putting my hand over my mouth. I had seen him die in the street by murder, then I also saw him resurrect in the same fashion. I was at both times closest to his body. When he was murdered and when he resurrected himself by some means.

“What do you think he’s going to do?” I asked one of my friends, Sarah Demetrius.

“He might be talking about the two people who died alongside him,” Sarah told me and pointed towards the graveyard, where his two closest friends were buried.

He had been murdered in a fight with a couple of cops. The cops had been protecting the city by defending the people from three very murderous convicts, who had escaped by some weird means. A few cops said that they had went through the bars and escaped through the bricks by some kind of magic. No one had believed them. But I knew the truth, and the cops were very truthful. They had been practicing magic for their term in prison, which was seven years.

I looked over towards the graveyard, where Thomas was now walking. He was laughing all the way there, knowing no one would dare stop him. They were already too scared of him since he had been resurrected from the grave. Everybody was in awe, excluding Sarah and I. Sarah believed all that I said, and I knew that she had good cause, since I knew I was perfectly sane.

“Hello, you, get your ass over here!” I heard someone yell from behind me.

It was my boyfriend, James Viking. He was three years my senior, being 22. I didn’t run, but waved him over towards me.

“What do you want, James?” I asked him when he arrived.

“Did you see what happened?” he asked, with wider then usual eyes.

I nodded. “Of course I did, do you think I’m blind? It happened right in front of me,” I told him, irritated at the moment.

“Oh, of course you’re not blind, I just thought you might not have been paying attention,” James told me and looked back in the direction of the walking corpse.

Just so you know, my name is Kathryn Vancouver. I was born in Russia, I have blonde hair, I am a professional tennis star in the making. I moved to England when I was nine, where I witnessed the death of Thomas Howell. I sometimes thought that my moving to England was what caused it. But I knew that was impossible.

Thomas Howell pointed toward two graves and said some strange words. About twenty seconds later, two bodies started to climb their way out of the graves. I already knew their names: Jack Embrio and Vicki Vine.

"Do you think that he'll try and raise his parents up?" James asked, stupidly.

I narrowed my eyes into his direction and frowned. "Why in the hell would he do that?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Well, didn't he have a good relationship with them?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No, he mentioned how he hated them before he died."

Thomas Howell had been sent to prison in the first place for killing two infants at the age of three. He had mentioned before he died that his parents had treated him what he called "like shit."

"Do you think that he'll ever return to the good side?" James asked.

I shook my head. "After what he said his parents were like, I don't even think that is even possible," I told him.

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